daily links: april 2017

CNN.com—Facing impeachment for using state resources to hide an extramarital affair, the governor of Alabama resigns
USA Today—Department of Labor accuses Google of systematically paying women less than men with the same jobs
ABCnews.com—Dallas' emergency siren system hacked
CBS News—After United overbooks a flight and they don't get enough volunteers to rebook, they drag (literally) a randomly selected passenger (who happened to be a doctor) off the plane to make room for their own employees
NBC News—Gorsuch sworn in as new Supreme Court justice
Fox News—Britney Spears announces the end of her Las Vegas residency after four years and over $100 million in ticket sales

NBC News—New FCC chairman indicates that he will continue to support the ban on cell phone calls on flights
CNN.com—Ford unveils hybrid police car built for high speed chases
USA Today—Blll O'Reilly's show on hiatus amid sponsor backlash related to sexual harrassment allegations
CBS News—New York making four year state schools tuition-free for middle and low income students
BBC News—AI program wins $290,000 in Chinese poker tournament
Fox News—J. Geils Band guitarist found dead in his home at 71

USA Today—New NC bill would force UNC and NC State to leave the ACC. The legislators in that state just keep getting stupider and stupider.
CBS News—Trump's former campaign manager now legally registered in the US as an agent of a foreign government. Guess which one.
ABCnews.com—Melania Trump wins millions in damages against the Daily Mail for publishing unprovable statements about her
CNN.com—Scientists to sue EPA over lack of enforcement of safety rules for chemical plants
NBC News—Doctor forcibly removed from United flight files legal action against the airline
Fox News—Eddie Murphy's brother Charlie Murphy dies at 57

CNN.com—Trump orders the military to drop 11 ton bunker buster bomb on ISIS complex in Afghanistan
NBC News—Nevada rolling out free vending machines with syringe kits in an effort to prevent the spread of disease among heroin addicts
ABCnews.com—Uber used secret app to track Lyft drivers
CBS News—Apple working on non-invasive sensors that will allow diabetics to continually monitor their blood sugar levels
USA Today—Steelers owner Dan Rooney dies at 84
Fox News—Survivor contestant outed as transgender during recent episode

CNN.com—First trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi released
NBC News—14 year old accidentally kills himself while streaming video live on Instagram
BBC News—Apple given permission to test self-driving cars on the road in California
USA Today—NASA reveals that many of the elements critical for life can be found on one of Saturn's moons
CBS News—Delta announces that it will give passengers up to $10,000 to give up their seats on overbooked flights
ABCnews.com—Two Georgia police officers fired after being caught on video punching a kicking a suspect who had surrendered

USA Today—Former Patriots star Aaron Hernandez hangs himself in his prison cell. He was facing life in prison for murder.
CNN.com—Fox cancels Bill O'Reilly's show in the midst of multiple allegations of sexual harrassment by the broadcaster
CBS News—Republican state senator from Florida uses racial slurs while talking to black colleagues
NBC News—Genetically modified mosquitoes meant to help in the fight against the Zika virus released near Key West
ABCnews.com—US Navy designed new subs that account for the reality of more women serving in the military
Fox News—Serena Williams reveals that she is pregnant

BBC News—New clothes dryer uses high frequency sound waves instead of heat
USA Today—MasterCard testing new cards with built in fingerprint scanners
CNN.com—GM says its car plant in Venezuela has been seized by the government
ABCnews.com—Yahoo's stock will no longer be publicly traded
CBS News—Lawsuit alleges that Bose is spying on users of its headphones
NBC News—Google Home can now recognize different voices

CNN.com—Second copy of the Declaration of Independence discovered in England
CBS News—McDonald's unveils new uniforms
BBC News—Wikipedia founder creating news service
ABCnews.com—Author of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance dies at 88
NBC News—Surgeon General forced out by Trump
Fox News—Former Happy Days star Erin Moran dies at 56, likely from cancer

ABCnews.com—Chobani suing alt right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones for defamation
NBC News—Uber wants to launch fleet of flying taxis by 2020
CNN.com—WTO rules in favor of Mexico in trade battle with US, meaning the US must pay $160 million in tariffs each year
CBS News—Marissa Mayer to get $186 million payout when she leaves Yahoo
BBC News—Obama takes $400,000 fee to speak to Wall Street bank
Fox News—Star Wars: Episode IX set for release in May 2019

BBC News—Oscar-winning director Jonathan Demme dies at 73
NBC News—Trump's FCC chairman begins the rollback of Obama-era net neutrality rules
ABCnews.com—Trump's tax reform plan will be a huge windfall for businesses
CNN.com—Police use data on murdered woman's Fitbit as evidence against her husband
USA Today—ESPN announces that it will lay off over 100 people from its staff of on-air talent
CBS News—Researchers successfully test artificial womb on baby sheep

USA Today—NASA releases first Cassini images taken from within Saturn's rings
CBS News—Delta passenger kicked off plane after using the lavatory during a two hour wait on the tarmac
BBC News—India bans social media in the Kashmir province amid violence in the region
NBC News—Trump says that the US will not be pulling out of NAFTA a day after saying he was drafting an executive order to do just that
CNN.com—Amazon releasing $200 version of the Echo that comes with a camera
ABCnews.com—R. Kelly sued by husband of woman he had an affair with

ABCnews.com—Russian prosecutors seek 3 years of jail time for man who was playing Pokemon Go in church
NBC News—Congress averts government shutdown...for one more week
USA Today—Roseanne may be reviving her iconic tv show
CNN.com—E-book sales fall while the sales of physical books rise
CBS News—Fox News being investigated for crimes by the Justice Department and the USPS
BBC News—Inventor demos self-made Iron Man suit at TED conference

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