daily links: november 2017

CNN.com—Richard Branson launches spaceflight company that will compete with SpaceX for private launches
USA Today—Papa John's owner blames NFL anthem protest for poor pizza sales
ABCnews.com—ACLU sues Trump administration for detaining 10 year old girl with cerebral palsy
BBC News—Facebook's ad revenue tops $10 billion
CBS News—New labor rule from Trump administration could take tips from servers and give them to restaurant owners
NBC News—Hit Netflix drama House of Cards suspends production in the wake of sexual harassment allegations against star Kevin Spacey

CNN.com—Trump tweet could jeopardize death penalty case against NYC terrorist who killed eight with a truck
CBS News—Houston Astros beat Los Angeles Dodgers in game 7 to win the first World Series title in franchise history
USA Today—New imaging technique identifies previously unexplored chamber in the Great Pyramid of Giza
NBC News—Federal judge blocks Trump's ban on transgender service members
ABCnews.com—Georgia attorney general will not defend election official in election tampering case where server was wiped of critical data
BBC News—Republican tax plan targets popular home mortgage deduction

CBS News—Woman arrested for DUI while riding horse. This happening in Florida, of course.
USA Today—Donald Trump's Twitter account disabled for 11 minutes by unnamed employee on their final day of work at the social media company
NBC News—1800 affected by plague outbreak in Madagascar
CNN.com—Disney denies LA Times access to movie previews because it didn't like an article the paper published
ABCnews.com—Trump whines about not being able to order the Justice Department or the FBI to do his bidding
BBC News—BMW recalls a million cars in North America over fire risk

USA Today—Man who killed dozens in mass shooting at Texas church had history of mental health issues
ABCnews.com—Virginia and New Jersey voters repudiate Trumpism by handing governorships to Democratic candidates
CNN.com—Two-time Cy Young Award winner Roy Halladay dies in plane crash at age 40
CBS News—Senator Rand Paul seriously injured after being attacked by one of his neighbors
NBC News—Uber teams with NASA to create flying taxi service
BBC News—Twitter officially expands character limit from 140 to 280

CNN.com—Republican candidate for Senate from Alabama Roy Moore accused of sexual harrassment and assault by at least four women, including one who says she was 14 at the time
ABCnews.com—ACA enrollment breaks first week record
USA Today—Disney planning to launch new Star Wars and Marvel television series on its new streaming service
CBS News—Panera buys Au Bon Pain
BBC News—Comic Louis C.K. accused of sexual misconduct by at least five women
NBC News—Kevin Spacey to be removed and replaced by new actor in already-completed Ridley Scott film

CBS News—Apple on the verge of becoming the first company to have a $1 trillion market cap
NBC News—AT&T says it will not bow to pressure from Trump to sell CNN in order to close its merger with Time Warner
USA Today—The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson will direct new Star Wars trilogy that takes place in a different time than the Skywalker saga
ABCnews.com—Denver votes to require solar panels on the roofs of new commercial construction
BBC News—Apple issues fix for annoying iOS autocorrect bug
CNN.com—YouTube attempting to crack down on disturbing videos that target kids

USA Today—New evidence reveals that Donald Trump Jr. was in contact with Wikileaks during his father's presidential campaign
ABCnews.com—More Roy Moore accusers coming forward as calls for him to abandon his campaign for the Senate increase
BBC News—Hasbro in talks to buy Mattel
NBC News—Powerful earthquake near Iran-Iraq border kills hundreds
CNN.com—Amazon working on a multiseason television series based on the Lord of the Rings universe
CBS News—New guidelines say that half of all American adults have high blood pressure

USA Today—Attorney General Jeff Sessions grilled by House Judiciary Committee about inconsistencies in his sworn testimony
ABCnews.com—Suspected serial killer in Tamp claims fourth victim
CNN.com—FDA approves pill with digital tracking technology
NBC News—Shooter at elementary school in California kills four and wounds multiple others, including children
CBS News—Australians vote to legalize same sex marriage
BBC News—Necklace with 163 carat flawless diamond sells for over $33 million at auction

CNN.com—House Democrats introduce five different articles of impeachment against Trump
NBC News—Brain implant shown to improve short term memory
ABCnews.com—Ohio cancels lethal injection execution after they could not find the inmate's vein
CBS News—Park ranger rediscovers salamander species that hadn't been seen in 42 years
BBC News—Taylor Swift's new album sells more copies in the US in four days than any other artist this year
USA Today—X-Files returning for another season in January

CNN.com—House Republicans pass major tax bill that largely benefits corporations and the wealthiest individuals
USA Today—Al Franken apologizes to woman who accuses him of sexual harassment 11 years ago, prior to his first run for Senate
CBS News—Keystone pipeline leaks over 200,000 gallons of oil in South Dakota
NBC News—Texas sheriff threatens to bring charges against driver of truck with anti-Trump sticker on it
BBC News—Leonardo painting sells for record $450 million
ABCnews.com—Production on final season of Veep suspended as star Julia Louis-Dreyfus undergoes treatment for cancer

NBC News—Kushner has more ties to Russian operatives and Wikileaks than he previously disclosed
USA Today—Texas man who accidentally shot himself and his wife at church will be allowed to keep his gun permit
CNN.com—Tesla unveils new sports car model and its first semi truck
CBS News—Jesse Jackson diagnosed with Parkinson's
ABCnews.com—Mattel debuts first Barbie wearing a hijab, modeled after an Olympic athlete
BBC News—Apple delays launch of its Homepod smart speaker

ABCnews.com—Michael Flynn's lawyers stop communicating with Trump's legal team and instead meet with the special counsel investigating Russian interference in the election
BBC News—Bitcoin value hits new high
NBC News—Pixar's Coco leads the Thanksgiving weekend box office
CNN.com—Jeff Bezos now worth over $100 billion
USA Today—Time being sold to rival
CBS News—Prince Harry proposes to American actress

CBS News—North Korea launches new ballistic missile that could possibly reach any city in the US
NBC News—Virgin Galactic may offer supersonic flights between cities
BBC News—Galapagos finches in the process of developing into a new species
USA Today—Giants to bench Eli Manning, breaking his consecutive starts streak at 210 games stretching back to his rookie season
CNN.com—Tumblr founder (foundr?) to step away from the company
ABCnews.com—Facebook wants to use AI to help prevent suicides

BBC News—Donald Trump retweets anti-Muslim videos from a far-right group
ABCnews.com—Matt Lauer fired from NBC for sexual misconduct
NBC News—Due to flaw in a scheduling system, thousands of upcoming American Airlines flights do not have assigned pilots
CNN.com—DNA sequencing proves that samples of hair, bone, and skin believed to have come from yetis actually came from various species of bears
USA Today—Garrison Keillor fired from Minnesota Public Radio amid allegations of sexual harrassment
CBS News—Convicted war criminal kills himself by drinking poison during a court hearing

CBS News—Jim Nabors, star of Gomer Pyle and Andy Griffith, dies at 87
USA Today—Rick Pitino, who was fired from Louisville after yet another recruiting scandal, is suing the university for $35 million for breach of contract
CNN.com—Analysis shows that the Senate tax reform bill would add $1 trillion to the deficit
BBC News—Dow Jones crosses the 24,000 threshold for the first time
NBC News—Elon Musk wants to build a high speed transit system in Chicago to link downtown to O'Hare
ABCnews.com—Marvel releases first trailer for Avengers: Infinity War

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