daily links: may 2017

CBS News—New solar eclipse stamp from the USPS will be first to use thermoreactive ink
CNN.com—Fox News president Bill Shine the latest at the network to be ousted in wake of sexual harrassment scandals
USA Today—Hacker releases upcoming season of Orange Is the New Black online after Netflix refuses to pay him a ransom for the stolen content
NBC News—Peggy Whitson sets new American record for time spent in space
ABCnews.com—SpaceX rocket used to launch spy satellite for the US government
Fox News—Ryan Seacrest named Kelly Ripa's new cohost on Live

BBC News—Parents lose custody of children after posting a series of videos on YouTube that show them pranking the kids, sometimes leaving them in tears
USA Today—Alabama football coach Nick Saban to be paid over $11 million this season
CBS News—Trump advocates for a complete shutdown of the government
CNN.com—Manhattan assigned a fourth area code
NBC News—Black Orioles player taunted with racial slurs at Fenway
Fox News—Writer's Guild strikes tentative deal to avoid work stoppage

USA Today—Puerto Rico declares bankruptcy
CBS News—Gene editing eliminates HIV in mice
BBC News—Radiohead to release 20th anniversary edition of OK Computer featuring three unreleased tracks from that era
NBC News—Trump rolls back Obama-era rules requiring schools to serve lunches with more whole grains and less salt
CNN.com—Facebook interns make $8000 per month
ABCnews.com—Tony Romo attempting to qualify for US Open

ABCnews.com—Trump fires FBI director James Comey, who esentially handed Trump the election but now looks to cause him problems with the Russia investigation
CBS News—Oreo offering $500,000 to person who comes up with the best idea for a new flavor
NBC News—Rapper Nicki Minaj offers to pay off student loans for a dozen of her Twitter followers as long as they maintain a high GPA
CNN.com—Amazon launches new Echo with a video touchscreen
USA Today—Snapchat now allows users to make snaps permanent (previously they disappeared after 10 seconds)
Fox News—American Idol being revived on ABC after Fox canceled it last year

ABCnews.com—Senate intelligence committee subpoenas Trump's fired former director of national security as part of investigation into Trump campaign's ties with Russia
USA Today—Microsoft demos watch that can help Parkinson's patients control the tremors in their arms
CBS News—French law that bans superskinny fashion models goes into effect
NBC News—Reporter arrested for shouting questions at Trump cabinet member
CNN.com—Tesla begins accepting orders for its solar roof tiles, which look more like traditional roof shingles
Fox News—Fubu founder and Shark Tank star reveals thyroid cancer diagnosis

CNN.com—In NBC interview, Trump contradicts the timeline and the motives given by his staff for the firing of James Comey
USA Today—Trump signs executive order aimed at increasing cybersecurity
ABCnews.com—New Orleans removes second Confederate monument
NBC News—Mormons cut ties with the Boy Scouts over recent policy changes that allow gay scouts and leaders
CBS News—New dinosaur species named after creature from Ghostbusters
BBC News—Boeing halts test flights of new plane due to engine issues days before it is supposed to be delivered

ABCnews.com—Trump threatens to cancel all press briefings
NBC News—One of a kind handwritten Harry Potter prequel manuscript stolen
CNN.com—Death row inmate requests to be executed by firing squad
USA Today—Pope declares two people saints in Fatima, Portugal
CBS News—Black students at charter school say hair policy is racist
Fox News—Man admits that he duped women into sex, telling them they were rehearsing for porn movies

CNN.com—Trump shared highly classified information with Russian officials during Oval Office visit
USA Today—Yankees retire Derek Jeter's number
ABCnews.com—Apple investing $200 million in Corning's American Gorilla Glass facility
NBC News—South Carolina teen dies from caffeine overdose after drinking sodas, coffee, and energy drinks
CBS News—Trump thinks that exercises wastes the finite amount of energy that each person is born with. Seriously, he really seems to believe this.
Fox News—Newly crowned Miss USA calls health care a privilege

CNN.com—Comey issued memo to staff before he was fired saying that Trump asked him to halt the FBI's investigation into Flynn's ties to Russia
NBC News—General Mills to give away 10,000 boxes of marshmallow-only Lucky Charms
USA Today—ABC to revive Roseanne
CBS News—Delta to launch self service bag drop using facial recognition technology
ABCnews.com—Judge orders Uber to return stolen engineering files to Waymo
Fox News—Hackers threaten to release new Pirates of the Caribbean film online in advance of its theatrical release unless the studio pays a ransom in Bitcoin

ABCnews.com—Department of Justice appoints independent counsel to oversee the FBI's investigation of Trump's ties to Russia
CNN.com—Russia offers to share transcript of Trump meeting with Russian officials—a meeting that included Russian reporters while American reporters were banned
USA Today—Tom Brady's wife says he played with a concussion last year that was never reported to the NFL, which would be a violation of the league's rules
CBS News—Netflix announces new season of Arrested Development
NBC News—Elon Musk offering new service that will allow you to have cremated remains carried into space on one of his SpaceX rockets
Fox News—Michael Moore working on new documentary about Trump's rise to power

CNN.com—Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell hangs himself at 52
USA Today—Blue Jays suspend outfielder after he used gay slur during game against Atlanta
ABCnews.com—One killed and many injured after driver plows through crowds on Times Square sidewalk
NBC News—Yale dean placed on leave over Yelp reviews
CBS News—Disgraced former Fox News chief Roger Ailes dead at 77
BBC News—Trump announces plans to renegotiate NAFTA

CBS News—Comey to testify in public hearing before Senate Intelligence Committee
CNN.com—Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner puts pressure on Lockheed to finalize a private weapons deal with the Saudis ahead of Trump's visit to the Middle East
NBC News—London airport moving its air traffic controllers to a facility 80 miles from the airport, where they will watch a live feed instead of being in a tower overlooking the runways
ABCnews.com—Sweden drops rape investigation into Wikileaks head Julian Assange
CBS News—Woman arrested after dressing in a dinosaur costume and scaring carriage horses
Fox News—Deadliest Catch star arrested after confrontation with Uber driver

CNN.com—22 dead and dozens more wounded after bomb goes off outside crowded concert venue in Manchester
CBS News—Star that generated theories of alien megastructure is behaving oddly again
USA Today—Ford fires its CEO
NBC News—Uber getting into the freight business
ABCnews.com—Computer beats Chinese go champion
BBC News—Bitcoin crosses $2000 value for the first time

NBC News—Target hit with $18.5 million fine for 2013 data breach
CBS News—Over 200 apps for Android phones have been secretly tracking users via ultrasonic frequencies
CNN.com—Trump denies Spicer's lifelong dream of meeting the Pope, basically because Trump is a jerk
USA Today—Star Wars was released 40 years ago today
BBC News—Tom Cruise confirms that he is working on a Top Gun sequel
Fox News—James Bond star Roger Moore dies at 89

USA Today—Teenager who was one of the two DC snipers will be resentenced after judge throws out his two life sentences
CBS News—Woman suing her college, claiming that her professor failed her simply because she was a Muslim
NBC News—Class action lawsuit alleges that Uber is overcharging riders by millions
CNN.com—South Carolina real estate agent found guilty of mudering seven people over the last 13 years
ABCnews.com—Russian ambassador says that Jared Kushner wanted to set up a secret communications channel between the Trump White House and the Kremlin
BBC News—New study of fossil record indicates that whales only grew to enormous size relatively recently in their evolutionary history

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