daily links: june 2017

ABCnews.com—Supreme Court rules that racially gerrymandered electoral districts in North Carolina are illegal
USA Today—Female Democratic congressional candidate drops out of race after receiving death threats
CNN.com—Harvard pulls acceptances from at least 10 incoming first year students after they post offensive memes on Facebook
CBS News—Kellyanne Conway's husband criticizes Trump on Twitter
NBC News—Apple unveils new devices and software at annual developers conference
Fox News—Wonder Woman has $100 million opening weekend, the biggest debut box office in history for a female director

CNN.com—Federal contractor accused of leaking classified NSA documents to the press arrested by FBI in Georgia
CBS News—Man dies after flesh-eating bacteria infect new tattoo
USA Today—Uber fires 20 employees after investigation into sexual harrassment and workplace bullying claims
NBC News—Amazon discounting its Prime membership fee for people on government assistance
BBC News—Children with televisions in their bedrooms have an increased risk for obesity
Fox News—Former MMA star gets life in prison for kidnapping, sexually assaulting, and severely beating his girlfriend

CNN.com—Senate committee releases James Comey's prepared statement ahead of his testimony tomorrow
ABCnews.com—Trump selects Chris Christie's former lawyer to be the new head of the FBI
BBC News—French woman suing her government over polluted Paris air
NBC News—Oldest human bones yet discovered are found in Morocco
CBS News—20 states have voted to allow AT&T to end landline service in favor of increased investment in wireless technologies
Fox News—George Clooney's wife gives birth to twins

NBC News—Comey testifies before Senate committee about his interactions with Trump prior to being fired
CBS News—Republicans in the House vote to weaken bank regulations that were put in place after the 2008 financial crisis
ABCnews.com—Pollock painting discovered in Arizona garage could be worth over $10 million if genuine
CNN.com—FDA wants to remove a prescription opioid from the market
USA Today—Some insurance companies turning to drones to help with damage inspections on claims
BBC News—Study finds that there is no difference between using cold or hot water to wash your hands

CNN.com—Trump says he'll testify under oath to refute Comey claims. We all know that were this to happen, he'd just commit perjury and lie under oath, but I think the only we'll actually hear as a result of this statement is the statement itself. He'll never take the stand.
CBS News—Trump's social media director violates federal law with one of his tweets
ABCnews.com—UK election ends with hung parliament where no party has a majority
NBC News—Lawsuit filed after police officers in Georgia execute mass drug search, including student pat downs, at high school. Zero drugs or paraphenalia were found.
USA Today—Largest cruise ship in history sets sail
BBC News—Japanese shipping firms say they will have self-navigating cargo ships by 2025

USA Today—Puerto Ricans vote in favor of becoming an official US state
BBC News—Renewable sources now provide more than half the UK's energy needs
CNN.com—Original Batman actor Adam West dies at 88
CBS News—Internet users now more likely to watch streaming content than cable
ABCnews.com—Ticket sold in California is sole match for $448 million lottery jackpot
NBC News—Apple releases its first original content, Planet of the Apps

CNN.com—Maryland and DC sue Trump for violating the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution, which forbids payments to the president by foreign governments
BBC News—Microsoft unveils the Xbox One X
NBC News—Pakistani man sentenced to death for insulting Mohammed on Facebook post
USA Today—Gymboree files for bankruptcy
ABCnews.com—Wonder Woman's second weekend box office beats first week receipts for Tom Cruise vehicle The Mummy
CBS News—Police use bait packages equipped with GPS to catch thieves who steal deliveries off porches

CNN.com—Trump calls House health care reform bill "mean" after praising it earlier this year
BBC News—Attorney General Sessions testifies before the Senate and denies any impropriety in meetings with Russia
CBS News—Drones may be able to provide lifesaving care to cardiac arrest victims faster than an ambulance
ABCnews.com—Two inmates on the run in Georgia after overpowering and killing two prison guards
USA Today—McDonald's accepts applications via Snapchat as it looks to hire 250,000 teens for the summer season
NBC News—Golden State Warriors win second title in last three seasons, losing only a single game in the postseason

CNN.com—Gunman opens fire at GOP baseball practice, wounding five, including a congressman
ABCnews.com—Southern Baptists officially condemn the alt right movement
BBC News—Six killed when tourist whale-watching boat capsizes after being hit by rogue wave
CBS News—Grammy voters will now use online system to submit their ballots
USA Today—Dodgers pitcher suspended one game for making an obscene gesture during a game in Cleveland
NBC News—Mysterious radio signal that was recorded in 1977 may have been caused by passing comet

ABCnews.com—Mueller reportedly nowinvestigating Trump for obstruction of justince in addition to colluding with Russia
CBS News—CNN suing Department of Justice for copies of James Comey's memos
NBC News—Senate passes sanctions against Russia in defiance of Trump
USA Today—Louisville head basketball coach Pitino suspended five games in wake of prostitution scandal, and the school's 2013 national championship may also be in jeopardy
CNN.com—Instagram wants users to start explicitly noting when posts are sponsored
Fox News—Yoko Ono to receive retroactive songwriting credit for John Lennon's "Imagine"

CNN.com—A day after US Air Force jet shoots down Syrian figher plan, Russia announces that it will treat US planes in Syrian airspace as "targets"
ABCnews.com—Bill Cosby sexual assault case ends in a mistrial after jury cannot reach a unanimous verdict
NBC News—Amazon buys Whole Foods for nearly $14 billion
CBS News—FTC wants to halt merger between fantasy sports sites FanDuel and DraftKings
USA Today—New Star Trek series to premiere on September 24
BBC News—Data breach at the Republican National Committee exposes the personal details of 200 million American voters

NBC News—Colorado doctor wants to ban the use of smartphones by kids under the age of 13 because his own children use them too much
USA Today—Directors quit the upcoming Han Solo origin film
CNN.com—Planes grounded in Arizona because it was too hot for them to fly safely
ABCnews.com—Uber adds ability for riders to tip their drivers
CBS News—UPS to start charging more for residential deliveries during the holiday season
BBC News—Daniel Day-Lewis announces his retirement from acting

NBC News—Colorado doctor wants to ban the use of smartphones by kids under the age of 13 because his own children use them too much
BBC News—Uber CEO resigns in wake of several corporate scandals
CNN.com—George Clooney could make up to $1 billion for selling his tequila brand to the owner of Smirnoff and Johnnie Walker
ABCnews.com—Second man dies in search of hidden New Mexico treasure
CBS News—Wall Street Journal fires reporter who entered into business deal with one of the subjects of an article he was working on
NBC News—New McDonald's quarter pounder made from fresh beef (as opposed to frozen) is causing longer wait times for customers who order it

CNN.com—Senate unveils draft of healthcare bill that they have written in secret over several weeks, and already at least four GOP senators say they will not vote for it
CBS News—Federal appeals court rules that merchants in Mississippi can refuse service to LGBTQ people
ABCnews.com—Former pediatric ICU nurse suspected of killing up to 60 children
USA Today—Robocalling firm hit with $120 million fine by FCC
NBC News—Grizzly bears to be taken off endangered species list
Fox News—Ron Howard will take over as director of the Han Solo spinoff film

ABCnews.com—University of Michigan rolling out driverless shuttles to move students around campus this fall
NBC News—North Carolina is the only state in the US where a woman cannot withdraw consent to sex after penetration
CNN.com—Google says it will no longer scan your Gmail communications for keywords to better target its ads
CBS News—Inmates have their sentences shortened after saving the life of a guard
USA Today—California bans official state travel to four states that discriminate against LGBTQ individuals
Fox News—Secretive street artist Banksy may be the frontman for Massive Attack

CNN.com—Supreme Court partially lifts injunctions against Trump's travel bans and will hear the full case in the fall
CBS News—CBO review of Senate healthcare bill says that 22 million will lose their insurance over the next decade, 15 million of those in the first year alone
ABCnews.com—Jeff Bezos' spaceflight company to build rocket engines in Alabama
USA Today—Former Delta CEO to lead Amtrak
BBC News—Walt Disney's hand drawn map of Disneyland sells for over $700,000 at auction
NBC News—Salvador Dali's remains to be exhumed to settle paternity claim

CNN.com—Republican Senate leader delays vote on healthcare bill because he can't muster enough votes for it from within his majority
CBS News—Las Vegas Taco Bell now has a chapel where you can get married
USA Today—George Lucas' $1.5 billion museum gets approval to be built in Los Angeles
NBC News—Good Samaritan who tried to help a lost toddler find her family is beaten by the neglectful parents who thought he was trying to kidnap her
ABCnews.com—NYC subway train derails, injuring dozens
BBC News—Facebook hits 2 billion users

BBC News—Tax preparation software blamed for global spread of cyberattack over the last week
NBC News—Faulty airbag maker Takata files for bankruptcy
ABCnews.com—Dramatic increase of great white sharks off Cape Cod, likely due to growing seal population
CNN.com—Study finds that black girls are seen as less innocent than white girls of the same age
USA Today—Apple purchases eye-tracking firm for possible use in AR projects
CBS News—Tiny new island appears off the coast of North Carolina

CBS News—Scientist says Trump's EPA chief of staff pressured her to alter her testimony to Congress
ABCnews.com—New York governor declares state of emergency for NYC's troubled public transit system
USA Today—Woman charged with manslaughter after shooting and killing her boyfriend in a YouTube stunt gone wrong
NBC News—Study finds that flu patch works as well as the traditional shot
CNN.com—Uber sued over lack of wheelchair-accessible vehicles in DC
Fox News—Greta Van Susteren's MSNBC show canceled after six months on the air

ABCnews.com—Chinese government tightens access to video content online
BBC News—Head of two Montessori schools says they will now accept Bitcoin as a form of payment
CBS News—Trump's White House science office now officially has no employees
CNN.com—Blue Apron's IPO not as strong as expected
USA Today—Nike to start selling its products on Amazon and Instagram
NBC News—New kind of housepaint aims to collect water vapor and break it down into hydrogen fuel

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