daily links: december 2017

CNN.com—Michael Flynn pleads guilty to lying to the FBI and says he is cooperating with Mueller's Russia probe
USA Today—Netflix renews Stranger Things for a third season
ABCnews.com—GM hopes to have self-driving commercial vehicles on the roads of major cities in the US by 2019
BBC News—Tesla activates the largest lithium-ion battery in the world in Australia
NBC News—Rapper DMX pleads guilty to fraud and tax evasion
CBS News—Ole Miss football program banned from bowl games for two years after multiple serious recruiting infractions

CNN.com—Trump and his lawyers say nothing he does is against the law because he's president
USA Today—Two doctors fired after baby they declared dead wakes up on the way to its funeral
CBS News—NASA engineers fire Voyager 1's engines for the first time in 37 years
BBC News—New Jersey suing to overturn national prohibition on sports betting
NBC News—House of Cards to film its final season next year without Kevin Spacey
ABCnews.com—Attempted implosion of the Pontiac Silverdome in Detroit fails to destroy the structure

CNN.com—Pizza Hut testing beer and wine deliveries with their pizzas
USA Today—Apple to pay $15 billion to Ireland in back taxes, even though the country doesn't want it
CBS News—Trump announces that the US will officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel
NBC News—Amazon working on drones that self-destruct to prevent injuries on the ground in the event of an emergency
BBC News—Russia banned from 2018 Winter Olympics
ABCnews.com—Mueller subpoenas Trump's bank records as part of Russia investigation

CNN.com—Time names women who broke their silence about sexual harassment as its Person of the Year
USA Today—Roger Goodell signs contract extension that will keep him as NFL commissioner through 2024
ABCnews.com—Former Apprentice contestant who accused Trump of sexually assaulting her is suing him for defamation
CBS News—60% of Trump's nominees for science-related positions do not have advanced degrees in a relevant field
BBC News—Scientists discover farthest known supermassive black hole
NBC News—Los Angeles will become largest US city to allow legal recreational marijuana sales on January 1

NBC News—Scientists add new X and Y nucleotide bases to bacteria DNA, and it produces new proteins
ABCnews.com—Anheurser-Busch orders 40 of Tesla's all-electric semi trucks
CBS News—Researchers discover 3.6 million year old skeleton of a race that was a precursor to humans
BBC News—Steam stops accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment
USA Today—Alaska Airlines will offer early boarding to passengers wearing ugly holiday sweaters
CNN.com—Amazon Prime app finally available on Apple TV

USA Today—Bitcoin loses 18% of its value hours after setting a new record high
CNN.com—Among the many nightmares in the Republican tax bill is a provision that would make anonymous political donations tax deductible
NBC News—Al Franken resigns from the Senate amid allegations of sexual harrassment
BBC News—San Francisco votes to restrict areas where delivery bots can operate
ABCnews.com—Director Bryan Singer, who was recently fired from the Freddie Mercury biopic, sued for sexually assaulting a 17 year old boy
CBS News—Patrick Stewart says he would consider playing Jean-Luc Picard for a Star Trek film directed by Quentin Tarantino

CBS News—Terrorist sets off pipe bomb in Times Square in NYC
BBC News—Judge rules that Trump cannot block the military from accepting transgender enlistees
NBC News—Apple buys music recognition service Shazam for $400 million
USA Today—Celebrity chef Mario Batali accused by multiple women of sexual harrassment
CNN.com—Trump tells NASA to get to work on sending astronauts back to the moon and eventually to Mars
ABCnews.com—Gas station installs blue lights in bathroom in hopes of deterring drug use

BBC News—Trump halts debt relief for students defrauded by failed for-profit universities, such as the president's own Trump University
USA Today—Two secret Santas pay off nearly $100,000 worth of layaway items for hundreds of Walmart customeres in New Jersey and Pennsylvania
CBS News—Gun range employee accidentally kills a customer while cleaning a rifle
CNN.com—NFL Network suspends several former players who work for the network amid sexual harassment allegations
ABCnews.com—Right whales on the brink of extinction. I wish that was actually a metaphor for the GOP, but alas...
NBC News—Merriam-Webster chooses "feminism" as its word of the year

CNN.com—Democrat Doug Jones wins Alabama Senate seat over Roy Moore, a disgraced former judge accused by multiple women of molesting them when they were minors
USA Today—The Fed raises interest rates and says it may raise them three more times in 2018
ABCnews.com—Doctor admits that he signed his initials on patients' livers during transplant operations
CBS News—T-Mobile to launch its own pay tv service next year
NBC News—Pepsi orders 100 of Tesla's electric semi trucks
BBC News—Disney to buy Fox for a reported $60 billion

CNN.com—Trump's FCC overturns Obama-era net neutrality regulations
ABCnews.com—Ohio considering bill that would ban abortions for fetuses with Down syndrome
BBC News—Scientists want to use swarms of robots to map the entirety of the seafloor by 2030
CBS News—Smithereens lead singer Pat DiNizio dead at 62
USA Today—An appropriate selection for the Year of Trump: Bon Jovi elected to Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
NBC News—Some scientists think an oddly-shaped asteroid currently traveling through our solar system could be an alien probe

BBC News—Senate and House GOP agree on substance of new tax bill
CNN.com—Trump pick for a lifetime appointment to a federal district court has never tried a case and couldn't answer basic legal questions
NBC News—Trump won't rule out a pardon for Michael Flynn, who recently pled guilty to lying to the FBI
USA Today—AOL Instant Messenger officially dead
ABCnews.com—AI discovers eighth planet in solar system home to a planet much like Earth
CBS News—Man who killed girlfriend by suffocating her with bubble wrap sentenced to 45 years in prison

ABCnews.com—Atlanta airport loses power for 11 hours, canceling hundreds of flights
USA Today—Grossly unqualified Trump judicial nominee withdraws from consideration after video of his cringeworthy Senate testimony goes viral
CNN.com—Several dead and dozens injured in Amtrak derailment in Washington state
NBC News—Carolina Panthers owner announces he will sell the team at the end of the season as sexual harrassment allegations against him surface
BBC News—The Last Jedi makes $450 million globally its opening weekend, and it won't open in China until January 5
CBS News—Hershey to buy maker of healthy snacks for $1.2 billion

NBC News—New York Times details Pentagon program to investigate UFO sightings
BBC News—Scientists working on a diagnostic test for Parkinson's based on how someone smells
CNN.com—Facebook will now send you an alert when it recognizes you in a photo someone else has uploaded even if you aren't explicitly tagged in it
ABCnews.com—Top Google searches for 2017 revealed
CBS News—Many people choosing Uber over an ambulance when they need to go to the hospital
USA Today—UPS orders 125 of Tesla's semi trucks

CNN.com—Unpopular tax overhaul passed by GOP that gives massive handouts to corporations and the wealthy also eliminates the individual mandate for the ACA
NBC News—Virgina House race tied and will be decided by a random draw
BBC News—Elon Musk accidentally tweets his personal phone number
USA Today—Amazon files trademark for "Amazon Tube"
ABCnews.com—Census Bureau identifies Idaho as the fastest growing state
CBS News—Veterinarian accused of shooting and killing her neighbor's dog

USA Today—Air at frat party was so thick with alcohol that it registered on a Breathalyzer
ABCnews.com—Papa John's founder stepping down from CEO role
CNN.com—Could power outage that shut down Atlanta airport for 11 hours hurt the city's Amazon HQ2 bid?
NBC News—Google's executive chairman Eric Schmidt stepping down from that role
CBS News—Lady Gaga to do two year residency in Las Vegas
BBC News—Apple says it throttles iPhones with older batteries during peak demand moments

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