daily links: march 2017

CNN.com—Dow closes above 21,000 for first time in history
NBC News—NFL adding microchips to its footballs, but they won't initially be used to help officials with calls
CNN.com—YouTube launches streaming tv service
Fox News—Massive outage of Amazon Web Services disrupts sites across the internet
CBS News—Woman wins custody battle against NASA over a bag covered in moon dust from the Apollo 11 mission
USA Today—Waldorf Astoria in NYC to shut down for 2-3 years for major renovations

CNN.com—After lying to Congress about contact with Russian officials during his confirmation hearings, US AG Jeff Sessions recuses himself from investigations into ties between Russia and the Trump campaign
USA Today—Sweden reinstates military draft over concerns about Russian aggression
NBC News—The Obamas ink book deal worth tens of millions of dollars
ABCnews.com—Newly discovered archaeological evidence suggests that the biblical flood really happened
CBS News—McDonald's wants to use mobile ordering and paymet to get people back into its restaurants
Fox News—Lou Reed's archives to be housed at New York Public Library for the Performing Arts

USA Today—TSA to start using new, more invasive pat down procedures at airports
CNN.com—Patrick Stewart applying to be a US citizen so he can more actively fight Trump's presidency
CBS News—California high school makes $24 million on Snap IPO after investing $15,000 in 2012
ABCnews.com—Despite Trump's repeated promises to the contrary, the Keystone pipeline will not be required to use American steel
NBC News—Alabama movie theater will not screen the new live action Beauty and the Beast film because it has a gay character
BBC News—Bitcoin worth more than gold for the first time

USA Today—Republicans unveil proposal to replace the ACA that scraps the individual mandate
CNN.com—Chance the Rapper donates $1 million to Chicago Public Schools
NBC News—Trump signs new executive order on immigration
CBS News—Study finds that human activity is responsible for the creation of at least 208 new species of minerals
ABCnews.com—Woman loses disability benefits after posting pictures of herself out partying on Facebook
Fox News—New $45 million complex opens at Elvis Presley's Graceland

BBC News—Wikileaks says it has proof the CIA has tools for hacking phones and tvs for use as spying devices
ABCnews.com—Coroner says that George Michael died of natural causes
NBC News—Pizza Hut selling limited edition sneakers that will order pizza for you with the push of a button
CNN.com—Nike unveils "pro hijab" for muslim female athletes
CBS News—Parking spot in Brooklyn for sale for $300,000
Fox News—ESPN laying off some of its on-air talent

NBC News—Obama's ambassador to China to be Trump's ambassador to Russia
USA Today—New faultline discovered off the coast of southern California could cause massive earthquake between LA and San Diego
CNN.com—MIT announces $250,000 for breaking the rules in pursuit of a change that benefits society
CBS News—Rare whale caught on video for the first time
ABCnews.com—Cruise liner comes within 100 feet of man's waterside home
Fox News—Man arrested for destroying Kim Kardashian books at a store

CNN.com—Washington joins Hawaii in asking courts to block Trump's latest immigration order
ABCnews.com—Utah passes strictest DUI limit in the US
USA Today—New Ben and Jerry's ice cream flavors mimic the taste of cereal milk
CBS News—RadioShack files for bankruptcy for second time in two years
NBC News—DC wine bar sues Trump and his local hotel over unfair competition
Fox News—Sneak peek of next Star Wars movie for shareholders reveals Luke Skywalker's first words in the film

CBS News—Trump's EPA head does not believe that CO2 is the cause of global warming
BBC News—New sensors can monitor blood sugar levels in sweat
CNN.com—Elon Musk says he can solve Australia's energy crisis in 100 days
USA Today—Facebook to stream Major League Soccer Games
NBC News—Justin Bieber impersonator charged with 900 child sex crimes
Fox News—Arnold Schwarzeneggar considering US Senate run

CNN.com—Congressional Budget Office finds that GOP healthcare plan will result in 24 million fewer people insured in the next decade, including 14 million in the next year alone
ABCnews.com—Scotland make seek independence from the Britain in order to stay in the EU
CBS News—Two year old dies in fire caused by malfunctioning hover board
NBC News—Intel buying self driving car firm for $15 billion
USA Today—Pandora unveils $10 monthly premium service
Fox News—James Cameron delays the release of the Avatar sequels once again

ABCnews.com—More than 6000 flights canceled after late season blizzard hits northeast
USA Today—Microsoft wants to take on Slack with its new Teams product
CNN.com—Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer to get $23 million severance package once sale to Verizon is complete
BBC News—Imaging algorithms used to classify stars could also help detect cancer
NBC News—Spongebob creator diagnosed with ALS
CBS News—City suffering through opioid crisis sues maker of OxyContin

CNN.com—The Fed raises interest rates by .25%
ABCnews.com—Federal judge in Hawaii puts a temporary stay on Trump's latest travel ban executive order
NBC News—New York Supreme Court to hear case that could grant personhood rights to chimpanzees
USA Today—Cheerios giving away 100 million wildflower seeds to help save ailing bee populations
CBS News—University moves to expel student accused of several sexual assaults
Fox News—The President of the United States gets into a Twitter wars with Snoop Dogg

USA Today—Startup debuts lab-grown chicken made from animal cells
CNN.com—Man charged after attacking muslim airline employee at an airport
CBS News—Monsanto sued by customers who accuse them of hiding the dangers of the weedkiller Roundup
ABCnews.com—Cheerios giving away 100 million wildflower seeds to help save ailing bee populations
BBC News—Australia considering law that would prevent unvaccinated children from attending daycare and preschool
Fox News—Orson Welles final film to be completed and released by Netflix

CBS News—Secret Service laptop with sensitive information about Clinton and Trump stolen from agent's vehicle
ABCnews.com—White House fence jumper may have been loose on the grounds for up to 15 minutes before he was caught
CNN.com—Monopoly replaces three classic game pieces with new ones voted on by the internet
NBC News—Pentagon asks employees not to watch NCAA tournament games while at work
USA Today—Teenager finds 7.5 carat diamond in Arkansas state park
Fox News—Patrick Stewart reveals that he uses marijuana several times a day to help with arthritis pain

CNN.com—FBI director says that there were no wiretaps of Trump by Obama, and also that there is an active investigation into the Trump campaigns ties to Russia and that country's attempts to influence our election
USA Today—Chuck Berry dies at age 90
ABCnews.com—Germany to test dialect-recognition software on asylum-seekers
NBC News—Alabama may allow megachurch to establish its own official police department
CBS News—Journalist Jimmy Breslin dies at 88
Fox News—Sesame Street to introduce new muppet with autism

CBS News—Houston considering the use of genetically modified mosquitos in battle against Zika and other insect-borne diseases
USA Today—Gang rape of 15 year old girl streamed on Facebook Live
CNN.com—Twitter suspends nearly 400,000 accounts that contained pro-terrorism content
NBC News—Drug dealers using catapults to hurl bundles of drugs into the US from Mexico
ABCnews.com—Van Gogh paintings stolen 14 years ago returned to museum in Amsterdam
Fox News—Just in case you thought 2017 couldn't deliver any more bad news, Big Bang Theory is renewed for two more seasons

CNN.com—Three killed and many others seriously wounded in terror attack near Parliament in London
CBS News—Stephen Hawking wants to go into space on Virgin Galactic
NBC News—Trump signs off on NASA budget that includes funding for manned mission to Mars
ABCnews.com—Gong Show creator Chuck Barris dies at 87
USA Today—Trump drops 220 spots on Forbes' richest people list compared to last year
Fox News—NFL commissioner announces that the league will air fewer commercials during games next season

CNN.com—Democrats say they will filibuster to prevent Gorsuch from being confirmed to the Supreme Court
USA Today—Former Texas governor Rick Perry questions election of gay student president at Texas A&M
CBS News—Plans for U-shaped skyscraper in NYC unveiled
ABCnews.com—Lockheed moving production of F-16 fighter jets from Texas to South Carolina
NBC News—Johns Hopkins study finds that getting cancer is mostly a random event
BBC News—New type of cloud formation officially recognized by the Cloud Atlas

CNN.com—GOP to let the ACA stand after they can't get enough votes to pass their replacement healthcare bill
NBC News—Penn State's former president convicted of child endangerment related to Sandusky case
BBC News—Twitter considers offering a paid premium version of the service
USA Today—Tennessee bills family of dead teen for guardrail that her car crashed into during her fatal accident
ABCnews.com—Scientists use artificial sun to create hydrogen
CBS News—Minor league baseball players fighting for right to overtime pay

CNN.com—Trump wants to spend $1 billion to build just 62 miles of wall on the southern border
USA Today—Uber suspends self-driving car tests in Arizona after one of its vehicles involved in accident
ABCnews.com—Thieves steal 221 pound gold coin worth millions from German museum
NBC News—Senate votes to let ISPs sell your data without your consent
CBS News—Oakland Raiders to move franchise to Las Vegas
Fox News—Netflix to finance four more Adam Sandler feature films

CNN.com—Trump rescinds Obama-era climate change regulations
NBC News—New head of DNC asks all current staffers for their resignation letters
USA Today—Elon Musk investing in company that is developing neural implants meant to enhance brain performance
CBS News—Inventor of Super Glue dies at 94
ABCnews.com—Couple arrested after trying to sell their baby on Craigslist
Fox News—Hulu gives Sarah Silverman a politically themed talk show

ABCnews.com—Former Christie aides sentenced to prison over Bridgegate
NBC News—23,000 drug convictions could be overturned over testing lab scandal
CNN.com—Amazon founder Jeff Bezos passes Warren Buffett to become world's second richest person
BBC News—Bob Dylan finally agrees to accept his Nobel Prize
USA Today—Burning Man festival sells 30,000 tickets in 35 minutes
CBS News—23 foot long python swallows grown man whole

ABCnews.com—SpaceX successfully uses recycled rocket in to launch a communications satellite
CBS News—Michigan pastor scams his parishoners out of nearly $7 million
USA Today—McDonald's to switch from frozen to fresh beef for its Quarter Pounder
CNN.com—Facebook launches personal fundraising tool
NBC News—Volkswagen will refurbish, upgrade, and resell the cars turned in as part of their settlement for making false emission claims
BBC News—The Oscars will ban mobile devices from backstage after the wrong Best Picture winner was announced at this year's ceremony

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