daily links: august 2017

BBC News—Email prankster dupes multiple officials in the Trump White House
CNN.com—Lawsuit accuses Fox News and Trump administration of working together to create false news story about the murder of a DNC staff member
ABCnews.com—Undocumented woman who has lived in Ohio for over 20 years to be deported after traffic stop
USA Today—China forces Apple to remove VPN apps, which allowed Chinese citizens to browse the web uncensored, from Chinese App Store
CBS News—College football player gives up his scholarship rather than end his revenue-generating YouTube channel
NBC News—Jeff Bezos briefly surpasses Bill Gates as the world's richest man

NBC News—Trump signs Russia sanctions bill that was passed overwhelmingly by Congress
CBS News—White House spokesperson admits that Trump did not tell the truth about recent claims of phone calls with Mexican president and head of the Boy Scouts, but also said that she wouldn't characterize the statemetns as lies
USA Today—Hyperloop test pod reaches 192 mph
CNN.com—Lockheed building a $350 million factory for satellites in Colorado
BBC News—Dow closes above 22,000 for the first time in history
ABCnews.com—James Comey signs book deal

NBC News—Pharamaceutical executive who jacked up prices of critical drugs convicted on fraud charges
USA Today—Google engineer who wrote widely shared anti-diversity memo reportedly fired
ABCnews.com—Scientists use a chip and electricity to reprogram cells to promote healing
CNN.com—Netflix buys comic book publisher
CBS News—Copper cocktail mugs could give drinkers food poisoning
Fox News—Karate Kid sequel featuring original star Ralph Macchio coming to YouTube's premium channel

USA Today—North Korea threatens to fire nuclear missile at Guam
ABCnews.com—Government report finds overwhelming evidence that climate change is caused by humans and is leaked before the Trump administration has a chance to bury it
ABCnews.com—Scientists use a chip and electricity to reprogram cells to promote healing
CBS News—Disney to end its partnership with Netflix and launch its own streaming service in 2019
CNN.com—Glen Campbell dies at 81 after long battle with Alzheimer's
Fox News—David Letterman making new show for Netflix

CNN.com—FBI reveals that it raided home of former Trump campaign chairman as part of Russia investigation
NBC News—CVS accused of increasing prescription drug prices for people with good insurance
CBS News—Both the Powerball and Mega Millions jackpots are currently above #300 million for the first time
USA Today—Coen Brothers planning western anthology series for Netflix
BBC News—Mazda unvells new engine design that it says is 30% more efficient than traditional internal combustion engines
Fox News—Fox to air a live musical version of A Christmas Story this holiday season

CNN.com—Trump says he will not rule out a preemptive nuclear strike against North Korea
USA Today—Russian military plane does flyover in restricted airspace over DC with permission from the White House
CBS News—Trump thanks Putin for expelling hundreds of US diplomats from Russia
NBC News—Former Fox News star Bill O'Reilly, who was ousted after multiple accusations of sexual harrassment, launches an online show
ABCnews.com—Jogger arrested after pushing woman into path of oncoming bus
BBC News—Uber founder being sued for fraud

CBS News—New species of dinosaur named Patagotitan is the largest yet discovered
USA Today—Walking Dead creator signs long-term development deal with Amazon
ABCnews.com—California court orders billionaire to reopen access road to public beach
CNN.com—Facebook launching YouTube challenger
NBC News—Man behind standard password creation rules says he now regrets the system he developed
Fox News—Arnold Schwarzenegger says he will appear in the next Terminator movie not as the iconic T-800 robot but as the human that inspired its creation

CNN.com—White supremacist rally in Charlottesville, VA turns violent and deadly
USA Today—Trump refuses to blame the neo-nazis who attacked and murdered anti-racist and anti-fascist protesters, saying that "many sides" were responsible for the violence
ABCnews.com—NAACP sues Indiana over voting law, claiming that it targets black and latino voters
NBC News—Ohio man arrested after intentionally ramming his car into a crowd of protesters, killing one and injured more than a dozen others
CBS News—World's oldest man dies at 113
Fox News—NBC may reboot the Munsters

CNN.com—Twitter uses are revealing identities of white supremacist marchers in Charlottesville by researching pictures from the past weekend
USA Today—Pantone honors Prince by creating a new shade of purple in their catalog
CBS News—County official resigns after telling EMS workers that they should kill themselves if they are unhappy with their working conditions
NBC News—Web hosting companies are denying service to a white supremacist hate site after it publishes a disparaging article about the woman murdered in Charlottesville when a man intentionally drove his car into a peaceful protest march
BBC News—HBO hackers leak unaired episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm over the weekend
Fox News—Stunt woman killed on the set of Deadpool 2

CNN.com—Trump continues to blame nonviolent counterprotestors for the strife in Charlottesville and will not condemn the gun-toting, riot gear-wearing nazis and white supremacists who attacked and murdered people
USA Today—David Duke approves of Trump's response to the violence in Charlottesville over the weekend
CBS News—Protesters tear down Confederate statue in Durham, NC
NBC News—Trump's Department of Justice trying to coerce web firm to give them the identities of people who visited an anti-Trump website
BBC News—World's largest data center planned for the Arctic
ABCnews.com—Lincoln Memorial vandalized

NBC News—Obama'a Twitter response to Charlottesville becomes the most-liked tweet of all time
CBS News—Paypal cancels accounts linked to white nationalists
ABCnews.com—Baltimore city council votes to remove all Confederate statues in the city overnight and have them destroyed
CNN.com—Apple to invest $1 billion in original content
USA Today—Cheetos opening pop-up restaurant in NYC
BBC News—Trump tries pathetically to save face by disbanding economic advisory councils before all the CEOs on them can quit in protest of his response to Charlottesville

CNN.com—At least 13 dead and dozens injured in terror attack when two men drive a van into crowds in Barcelona
BBC News—Bonnie Tyler to perform "Total Eclipse of the Heart" during next week's eclipse for a cruise ship audience
CBS News—Tom Cruise breaks his ankle doing a stunt for Mission Impossible 6, temporarily delaying the film's production
NBC News—Daniel Craig confirms that he will return for another James Bond movie
ABCnews.com—Los Angeles subway system testing body scanners for passengers
USA Today—Costco ordered to pay Tiffany $19 million for selling knockoff rings

CNN.com—Trump fires chief strategist Steve Bannon
USA Today—Eclipse day! Quickstart guide for those who haven't been paying attention.
BBC News—MTV bringing back Unplugged performances
CBS News—Poland Spring sued for misleading customers because its water does not actually come from a spring
NBC News—Powerball jackpot rises to $650 million, making it the second largest in history
ABCnews.com—Man sells his collection of vintage video game cartridges for $20,000

CBS News—Secret Service has already spent their entire annual budget on protecting Trump and his family, thanks in part to his frequent vacations
USA Today—Trump looked at eclipse without protective glasses, because of course he did
BBC News—Volkswagen reviving its iconic microbus as an electric vehicle
ABCnews.com—"Total Eclipse of the Heart" hits number one on iTunes during the eclipse
CNN.com—Six Flags removes Confederate flags from the three parks that were still flying it
NBC News—Jerry Lewis dies at 91

NBC News—Female assistant coach for 49ers is the NFL's first openly gay coach
ABCnews.com—Wife of Treasury lashes out with "let them eat cake" in response to Instagram criticism
BBC News—Google releases new version of Android
CNN.com—Lottery worker who rigged the system gets 25 years in prison
CBS News—The Obamas' eldest daughter starts her college career at Harvard
USA Today—Joker origin film being developed

ABCnews.com—Woman intentionally pushed onto NYC subway tracks by stranger
BBC News—Email prankster tricks Breitbart editors by pretending to be Steve Bannon
CNN.com—Elon Musk unveils SpaceX's new spacesuit
NBC News—Trump hints that he will pardon controversial Arizona sheriff who was jailed from criminal contempt
USA Today—Verizon's cheapest "unlimited" plan will throttle video speeds
CBS News—Federal judge throws out Texas voter ID law

NBC News—FTC says it will not block the merger of Amazon and Whole Foods
USA Today—Election hacking lawsuit seeks to overturn Georgia special election for a Congressional seat
BBC News—Brazil opens vast Amazon nature reserve to mining
CNN.com—Massachusetts woman is sole winner of $750 million jackpot
ABCnews.com—Woman awarded over $400 million in talcum powder cancer lawsuit
CBS News—Facebook will stream 15 college football games this season

CNN.com—Hurricane Harvey hits Texas hard, especially in Houston
NBC News—Trump grants controversial pardon to Arizona sheriff and uses Hurricane Harvey as cover
USA Today—Uber to select Expedia CEO as its new leader
ABCnews.com—Samsung chief sentenced to jail for five years for bribing politicians
CBS News—Amazon cutting prices at Whole Foods
BBC News—Spotify signs critcal licensing deal with Warner Brothers

BBC News—Trump reverses Obama rule that prevented local police departmets from getting surplus military gear
CBS News—Study finds that humanities majors from elite schools catch up to the salaries of their STEM counterparts eventually
NBC News—Scientists using stem cells to create tiny patches that could repair damaged cardiac tissue
CNN.com—Half a million cars could be junked due to Hurricane Harvey
ABCnews.com—Apple CEO Tim Cook gets $90 million as part of incentives from a 10 year contract
USA Today—Pittsburgh airport to become first in the US to allow non-fliers into the gate areas of its terminals since 9/11

CBS News—Contradicting Trump, Mattis says that transgender members of the military can continue to serve while the issue is studied further
USA Today—Breakthrough gene therapy treatment for leukemia costs nearly half a million dollars
BBC News—Terry Pratchett's unfinished novels crushed by a steamroller per his final instructions before his death
NBC News—Wildlife advocates sue to protect grizzly bears in Yellowstone to prevent them from being hunted
ABCnews.com—Alexa and Cortana will now be able to interact with one another
CNN.com—Fitbit introduces new Apple Watch competitor

USA Today—US government to release 1 million barrels of oil from strategic reserve to help control gas prices in the wake of Harvey
NBC News—Pages that post fake news on Facebook will be banned from advertising on the social media site
ABCnews.com—Maryland private school bans students from wearing Washington Redskins gear on campus
CNN.com—Apple to host product announcement event on September 12, when it will likely unveil a new iPhone
BBC News—27 year veteran composer for The Simpsons is fired
CBS News—Game of Thrones season 7 finale sets viewership record for HBO

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