daily links: februrary 2020

CBS News—Kansas City Chiefs win Super Bowl 54
ABCnews.com—Man receives 55,000 duplicate billing statements from his student loan company
CNN.com—Rush Limbaugh announces on his radio show that he has advanced lung cancer
BBC News—Two Uber drivers and hundreds of passengers have their accounts suspended after the drivers gave rides to a man carrying the coronavirus
USA Today—Ohio man charged with a felony after calling police more than 25 times to get help looking for a lost hoodie
NBC News—Groundhog predicts early spring this year

CNN.com—Glitches with the Iowa caucus process lead to delay in release of results
ABCnews.com—The UK wants to end sales of new gas or diesel powered cars by 2035
NBC News—Fired Emory professor charged criminally for trying to steal research and misuing grant funds
BBC News—FDA approves new oral drug that will help people with peanut allergies that would help them overcome accidental exposure
USA Today—Wendy's to launch breakfast menu nationwide in March
CBS News—Ocean Spray fires its CEO for violating its harrassment policy

CNN.com—Trump "acquitted" by Senate Republicans in a farce of a trial that featured no evidence and no witnesses, with only one member of the GOP (Mitt Romney) voting for impeachment
ABCnews.com—Trump uses the State of the Union address to award the Presidential Medal of Freedom to conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh, who is a misogynist, a racist, and a homophobe
USA Today—Actor Kirk Douglas dies at 103
NBC News—Michigan Latino man greeted with racist heckling at public meeting meant to address racism in the community
CBS News—3700 cruise ship passengeres and crew to be quarantined for two weeks after coronavirus breaks out on voyage
BBC News—Uber issued new permit to test self-driving cars on public roads in California

BBC News—Landmark study could pave the way for customized treatments for all types of cancer
CBS News—Amazon will actually pay some taxes this year, but it's still only 1.2% on $13 billion in profit
NBC News—Chinese doctor who issued first warnings about the coronavirus dies from the disease
CNN.com—Southwest Airlines is giving 60,000 employees an extra 6 weeks of pay as part of profit-sharing plan
USA Today—Macy's announces plans to close 125 underperforming stores as part of larger effort to revitalize the brand
ABCnews.com—Team USA to wear uniforms made from recycled shoes at this summer's Olympic games

CNN.com—Trump fires key impeachment witnesses—i.e., people who told the truth about his actions—Alexander Vindman and Gordon Sondland
CBS News—Boy dies from the flu after mom follows advice from anti vax Facebook group instead of giving him the medication his doctor prescribed for him
BBC News—Astronaut Christina Koch, who went to my high school, sets new record for time in space by a woman
NBC News—The US monthly jobs report features metrics on same sex couples for the first time ever
ABCnews.com—Man tried to save a neighbor from a pack of dogs using a crossbow, but instead hits and kills him
USA Today—Netflix rolls out update that allows users to disable autoplay previews while browsing the content library

NBC News—Four Chinese military hackers charged with causing the 2017 Equifax data breach
ABCnews.com—Ratings for the Oscars falls to record low
BBC News—Native American burial grounds blown up in order to construct border wall
CNN.com—Former MLB pitcher sues Astros, claiming that their sign stealing cut his career short
USA Today—Supervolcano in Utah is 30 times larger than the one underneather Yellowstone
CBS News—Kansas county jailing people over unpaid medical debts

ABCnews.com—All four federal prosecutors who worked to convict Trump ally Roger Stone on seven counts withdraw from the case after political interference causes the recommended jail time to be significantly lowered
CNN.com—Mysterious signal from nearby galaxy repeats every 16.35 days
USA Today—Sanders edges out Buttigieg to win New Hampshire
NBC News—Coronavirus officially named COVID-19 by WHO
BBC News—Movers drop and irreparably damage one-of-a-kind grand piano worth $200,000 that belongs to one of the world's leading pianists
CBS News—British Airways jet sets new transatlantic subsonic speed record thanks to help from ideal wind and air currents

CNN.com—Bill Barr to testify before House investigators to explain why he recommended a reduced sentence for Trump ally Roger Stone
ABCnews.com—BP announces plans to be net zero carbon emissions by 2050, offsetting emissions from its own operations and from the gas and oil it sells
USA Today—Federal judge signs off on merger of T-Mobile and Sprint
CBS News—LA high school students sue Delta after one of its jets dumped fuel on their campus
BBC News—New species of Tyrannosaurus discovered in Canada
NBC News—Browns star defensive end Miles Garrett reinstated by the NFL after being suspended for attacking an opposing quarterback with his helmet

CNN.com—AG Barr, who otherwise has served as a corrupt lapdog/bulldog for Trump, criticizes the president for his tweets about ongoing DOJ cases
ABCnews.com—Judge halts major Pentagon contract with Microsoft over complaints from Amazon that the proper review process was not followed
USA Today—8 Republicans join Senate Dems in passing a war powers resolution that would restrict Trump from attacking Iran without Congressional approval
CBS News—UK planning new regulatory oversight of social media companies to prevent spread of harmful information
NBC News—Jeff Bezos buys Beverly Hills estate for $165 million
BBC News—Rick Moranis returning to the big screen after a 20+ year hiatus from acting

USA Today—Trump claims that he has the legal right to intervene in any case being handled by the DOJ. Of course, he believes he has the legal right as president to murder a random stranger on the street, so....
NBC News—DOJ will not charge former FBI head Andrew McCabe despite Trump wanting a prosecution for vindictive personal reasons
CNN.com—The Apple Watch outsold the entire Swiss watch industry in 2019
ABCnews.com—New MLB rule allowing the use of technology for the dugout to communicate directly with pitchers and catchers may eliminate the need for signs (and therefore eliminate sign stealing)
CBS News—Lawyer Michael Avenatti, who represented Stormy Daniels in her case against Trump, convicted of trying to extort money from Nike
BBC News—Banksy confirms that new artwork painted on the side of a house in Bristol is his

CNN.com—Jeff Bezos commits $10 billion to address climate crisis
BBC News—Bayer and BASF ordered to pay $265 million to peach farmer who says their pesticides harmed his crops
USA Today—Plymouth Rock spray painted with graffiti
NBC News—Delta says it will spend $1 billion over the next decade to minimize the climate impact of global air travel
CBS News—Pier 1 declares bankruptcy
ABCnews.com—GM to halt operations in Australia, New Zealand, and Thailand

CNN.com—Trump commutes the sentence of Illinios governor who was convicted of trying to sell a Senate seat and pardons several other white collar criminals, including infamous 80s bond king Michael Milken
CBS News—Boy Scouts filing for bankruptcy amid a flurry of sexual abuse lawsuits
BBC News—Bloomberg qualifies for the next Democratic debate
NBC News—Harvard students sue the prestigious university over its investments in for-profit prisons
ABCnews.com—Black man charged with false imprisonment after threatening a white woman with death if she didn't watch the Roots miniseries with him so she could better understand her racism
USA Today—Nintendo to open pop-up game lounges at some of America's largest airports

USA Today—Julian Assange's lawyer says that Trump offered to pardon the Wikileaks founder if he cleared Russia of involvement in the DNC email leak (which our intelligence agencies say was absolutely done by Russia)
ABCnews.com—Man arrested for threatening to kill Adam Schiff and Chuck Schumer over their role in Trump's impeachment
NBC News—Racist murderer George Zimmerman sues Buttegieg and Warren for $265 million, claiming they defamed him on Twitter
BBC News—Amazon's Ring video doorbell makes two-step authentication mandatory
CNN.com—Man who drove school bus for 55 years to be buried in school bus themed casket
CBS News—General Mills to start selling premium cereal priced at $13 per box

CNN.com—Trump associate Roger Stone sentenced to 40 months in prison after Trump interferes in the judicial process (prosecutors had recommended a 7 to 9 year sentence)
CBS News—Congress briefed on Russian attempts to interfere in the 2020 election and trying to secure a second term for Trump
NBC News—USC offers free tuition to any family with an annual income of less than $80,000
ABCnews.com—Man pleads guilty in college basketball game fixing scheme
BBC News—Coronavirus could cost commercial airlines up to $30 billion
USA Today—Hair Club for Men founder dies at 78

ABCnews.com—Florida's Dixie highways renamed in honor of Harriet Tubman
NBC News—Bloomberg says he'll release 3 women who worked for him from their nondisclosure agreements
CNN.com—Wells Fargo fined $3 billion for setting up millions of fake accounts that it used to unlawfully collect penalties and fees from customers
USA Today—11 year old girl gives birth after being sexually assaulted by relatives
CBS News—Oreos designed by fashion brand Supreme selling for $10,000 on eBay
BBC News—Cast of Friends to reunite for a one-off special on HBO's new streaming service

CBS News—Harvey Weinstein found guilty of rape and criminal sexual assault
USA Today—Coronavirus fears cause the Dow to plunge over 1000 points in one day
BBC News—Man who wanted to launch himself into space to prove that the Earth is flat dies when his homemade rocket crashed during testing
ABCnews.com—TSA bans employees from using TikTok, following the lead of the Pentagon and DHS
CNN.com—Two cheetah cubs born via IVF for the first time, a technique that could also be used on other endangered species
NBC News—World Series pitcher uses an alias to compete on the professional rodeo circuit

CNN.com—CDC believes coronavirus will become a pandemic that will eventually have a significant impact on the US
ABCnews.com—Longtime Disney CEO Bob Iger steps down from his role effective immediately
USA Today—Katherine Johnson, the NASA mathematician who was the inspiration for Hidden Figures, dies at 101
NBC News—Trans woman murdered in Puerto Rico after using women's restroom in a McDonald's
BBC News—Study finds that 25% of climate change denial tweets are posted by bots
CBS News—Cadbury working on a vegan version of its chocolate

BBC News—Germany overturns ban on assisted suicide
CBS News—Trump sues NY Times for libel over opinion piece that detailed his campaign's ties to the Russian government
CNN.com—Study finds that the more expensive your car, the more likely you are to be a jerk on the road and in real life
ABCnews.com—Facebook to ban ads that promise coronavirus cures
USA Today—The Smithsonian releases images of nearly 3 million works of art for free use by the public
NBC News—Astronomers discover tiny second moon that started orbiting Earth three years ago

CNN.com—Dow has its biggest single day point drop in history over coronavirus fears
BBC News—Court rules that YouTube is not a free speech platform and has the right to ban content that it finds objectionable
USA Today—Former Baltimore mayor sentenced to three years in prison for fraud scheme
NBC News—Investor and Shark Tank star Barbara Corcoran loses nearly $400,000 in email phising scam
CBS News—Kickstarter employees become the first major tech workforce to unionize
ABCnews.com—Computer scientist who created copy and paste dies at 74

CNN.com—US says that a Chinese warship fired a military laser at US aircraft
CBS News—Scientists discover that many (and possibly all) amphibians are bioflourescent
ABCnews.com—Reality show The Amazing Race suspends production over coronavirus concerns
BBC News—Amazon removes over 1 million products promising protection from or cure for coronavirus from its storefront
NBC News—Gold medal winning Chinese swimmer banned from the sport for 8 years for violating anti-doping rules
USA Today—Tony Romo to earn $17 million per year as NFL commentator for CBS

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