daily links: march 2020

CNN.com—Chris Matthews retires from MSNBC after more than two decades after multiple allegations of sexual harrassment
CBS News—College recruiter for Oklahoma Christian University fired after asking high school students to line up by "nappiest hair"
USA Today—Original Norman Rockwell paintings owned by the Boy Scouts could be sold at auction as part of its bankruptcy proceedings
NBC News—UPS worker planning mass shooting had multiple weapons and 20,000 rounds of ammo
BBC News—Public Enemy fires founding member Flavor Flav after 35 years with the rap act
ABCnews.com—Federal regulators reject the idea of dismantling four hydro electric dams in an effort to save endangered salmon

CNN.com—Klobuchar and Buttegieg drop out of the presidential and endorse Biden, and Beto O'Rourke throws his weight behind the former vice president on the eve of Super Tuesday
CBS News—Tornadoes tear through downtown Nashville overnight, creating massive property damage and killing at least 25
USA Today—The Fed aggressively cuts interest rates in response to coronavirus fears
NBC News—Virginia becomes the first southern state to ban conversion therapy for minors who identify as LGBTQ
BBC News—Twitter tells its global staff to telecommute until the coronavirus epidemic has been contained
ABCnews.com—Former GE CEO Jack Welch dies at 84

CBS News—Biden has huge Super Tuesday, winning most of the states on his way to being the frontrunner in terms of delegate count
USA Today—House and Senate agree to an $8.3 billion package to combat the coronavirus
ABCnews.com—Arizona House passes bill that would ban trans females from participating in high school sports
CNN.com—BMW tweaking its iconic logo for the first time in over two decades
NBC News—Twitter is testing tweets that automatically delete themselves after 24 hours
BBC News—Lego has plans to open another 150 stores worldwide in 2020 despite general downturn in retail toy sales

CNN.com—Elizabeth Warren ends her bid for the Democratic nomincation, but has not yet endorsed either Biden or Sanders
BBC News—Facebook removes deceptive Trump ads about the census. The real question is how ads like this get approved for the platform in the first place.
ABCnews.com—The next Mars rover will be named Perseverance
USA Today—Chinese tech manufacturer Foxconn says it will return to normal production levels by the end of March after a slowdown brought on by the coronavirus
NBC News—Federal judge blasts AG Barr for misleading the public about the content and conclusions of the Mueller report
CBS News—Former GOP congressman who voted against LGBTQ rights comes out as gay

CNN.com—Trump replaces chief of staff Mick Mulvaney with staunch ally and leader of the Freedom Caucus Mark Meadows
ABCnews.com—SpaceX will send three space tourists to the ISS as early as next year
BBC News—SXSW music festival canceled over coronavirus fears
NBC News—Olive Garden manager fired after racist customer demanded a white server and the manager complied
CBS News—Next James Bond film's release moved from April to November over fears that the coronavirus could depress ticket sales
USA Today—Costco suspends free samples over coronavirus concerns

ABCnews.com—Stock market has another bad day in the face of a collapsing oil market due to the coronavirus
CNN.com—New York manufacturing its own hand sanitizer due to commercial shortages from the coronavirus
NBC News—Italy's government expands travel restrictions to cover the entire country due to coronavirus epidemic
USA Today—CVS announces that it will offer free deliveries of medications to customers who fear venturing out because of the coronavirus
CBS News—GOP congressman Matt Gaetz, who wore a gas mask on Capitol Hill last week to mock the seriousness of the coronavirus, enters self quarantine after being exposed to COVID-19 at the CPAC conference
BBC News—Actor Max Von Sydow dies at age 90, but NOT from the coronavirus

CNN.com—Duke and UCLA join growing list of universities that are canceling in-person classes and campus visits for the remainder of the semester because of the coronavirus
CBS News—Biden wins bellwether state of Michigan, and also picks up wins in Mississippi and Missouri
NBC News—Trump proposes ending the payroll tax through the end of this year to help steady the financial markets, but it would also not coincidentally last through election season
ABCnews.com—Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones charged with DWI in Texas
BBC News—Rare white giraffes killed by poachers in Kenya
USA Today—California music festival Coachella, which was scheduled to take place in April, has been postponed until November because of the coronavirus

CBS News—WHO officially labels the coronavirus for what it has become: a pandemic
ABCnews.com—The NBA suspends the regular season and the NCAA announces that March Madness games will be played in empty arenas
BBC News—Trump halts travel by European citizens from Europe to the US for 30 days
NBC News—Harvey Weinstein sentenced to 23 years in prison
CNN.com—Researchers find multiple sites that confirm that Scotland was once home to many species of dinosaurs
USA Today—Tom Hanks reveals that he and his wife have both tested positive for the coronavirus

CNN.com—This link is about Disneyland and Disney World closing due to the coronavirus, but there were a bunch of other things that got suspended or canceled in the last 24 hours, including: MLB season (postponed), MLS season (suspended for 30 days), the NCAA March Madness tournament (canceled), two major cruise lines (all cruises canceled through April), the E3 gaming conference (canceled), and pretty much every school system in my area (online learning going forward)
CBS News—Fast and Furious 9 and A Quiet Place Part II join growing list of movies pushing back their release dates until after the coronavirus pandemic has been controlled
USA Today—The Fed will inject $1.5 trillion into the financial markets to try to calm the coronavirus death spiral
NBC News—Federal judge rules that decades-old South Carolina law that forbids teaching students about LGBTQ as part of sex ed is unconstitutional
ABCnews.com—JetBlue issues lifetime ban to passenger who took one of their flights after he tested positive for the coronavirus
BBC News—Russia and Europe delay their Mars rover mission until 2022, the next time the planets are favorably aligned for a launch

CNN.com—Trump finally declares a national emergency in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, but refuses to take responsibility for the many failings of his government that could have kept things from getting this bad
ABCnews.com—Trump supporter who was at a Mar-a-Lago fundraiser attended by the president and his family members tests positive for the coronavirus
CBS News—Louisiana delays primary voting due to the coronavirus
NBC News—White House says that Trump will sign Democrat bill that will provide free testing for the coronavirus and paid emergency sick leave for workers affected by the virus
BBC News—Smallest dinosaur species so far discovered was found trapped in a 99 million year old piece of amber
USA Today—Bill Gates steps down from the boards of Microsoft and Berkshire Hathaway to focus on his charitable foundation

NBC News—Federal reserve cuts interest rates to nearly zero to help blunt the impact of the coronavirus on the economy
CBS News—Amazon hiring 100,000 additional workers due to surge in online orders and shipping caused by the coronavirus social distancing protocols
BBC News—Biden commits to picking a woman for his running mate if he wins the Democratic nomination
CNN.com—Universal to offer streaming versions of movies currently in theaters that are losing box office revenue due to the coronavirus
USA Today—White House cancels annual Easter Egg roll
ABCnews.com—Actor Idris Elba says he has tested positive for the coronavirus

NBC News—Biden has big wins in Illinois, Arizona, and Florida
ABCnews.com—Amazon limits shipments to essential items through early April
BBC News—White House proposes measures to stabilize the economy, including sending money directly to citizens, bailing out the airline and hotel industries, and extending the deadline to pay taxes
CNN.com—Couple leaves tip of nearly $10,000 at one of their favorite restaurants to help the staff get through the coronavirus shutdown
USA Today—Tom Brady to leave the Patriots after 20 years; will sign deal with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
CBS News—Kentucky Derby postponed until September

CBS News—Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, and HUD to suspend foreclosures and evictions for at least 60 days
NBC News—NYSE closes trading floor and will operate only electronically for the foreseeable future
ABCnews.com—Facebook's antispam system is mistakenly flagging legitimate news articles about the coronavirus
BBC News—Volunteers to being first human test of potential coronavirus vaccine in the US
CNN.com—Sony reveals technical specs for the PS5
USA Today—Microsoft says the new Xbox will still launch in time for the holiday season this year despite delays created by the coronavirus

BBC News—US begins releasing low risk prisoners early due to the coronavirus
CNN.com—Ads for face masks still appearing on Facebook despite the social media giant's pledge to ban them
ABCnews.com—Clorox and Kroger are two of the very few stocks that are doing well in the new bear market
USA Today—Netflix to reduce quality of streams in EU to preserve bandwidth for more vital uses during the coronavirus pandemic
NBC News—New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton tests positive for the coronavirus
CBS News—Playboy to end its 66 year print run, blaming the coronavirus as the final dagger in its heart

CNN.com—GOP senators who received information about the impact of the coronavirus in secret briefings sold stock in companies that tanked and bought stock in companies that have flourished in the wake of the pandemic
ABCnews.com—Disney to relase new Pixar film Onward to streaming services only two weeks after its official release and to Disney+ two weeks later
CBS News—Tax filing day moved from April 15 to July 15
USA Today—Colorado governor signs bill that would allow college athletes to profit from their use of thei name and image
NBC News—Local officials close Florida beaches after the governor refuses to
BBC News—Border traffic between the US, Mexico, and Canada is closed to all but essential services

BBC News—Canada becomes first major country to withdraw from the Tokyo Olympic games if they are not postponed
CNN.com—Rand Paul selfishly decided not to self-quaratine after showing symptoms of the coronavirus, which he was later officially diagnosed with
CBS News—More selfish GOP behavior: notoriously conservative Christian retailer Hobby Lobby has not closed stores in states where it has not been explicitly ordered to do so
USA Today—Costco joins many local grocery stores in adding special hours reserved for people at a higher risk for complications from the coronavirus
NBC News—Man dies and wife critically ill after they both take a chemical touted by Trump as a cure for the coronavirus in one of his briefings
ABCnews.com—Singer Kenny Rogers dies at 81

CNN.com—Trump says he wants normal business activities fully resumed by Easter. You wanting it does not make it so, idiot. The virus doesn't respect your personal greed and business goals.
ABCnews.com—Tokyo Olympics postponed and might not happen until next summer
NBC News—Right wing Christian college Liberty University welcomes students back to campus in the midst of the coronavirus crisis, increasing the odds that many (most? all?) of them will catch, suffer, and possible die from the disease
CBS News—Amazon suspends thousands of sellers for price gouging
BBC News—555 million year old worm species may have been template for most organisms in the animal kingdom
USA Today—Former NFL MVP Cam Newton released by the Carolina Panthers

CNN.com—Senate passes $2 trillion stimulus bill, but it still needs to be approved by the House and signed by Trump
USA Today—Texas, Ohio, and Mississippi are among a group of states using the coronavirus to prevent women from having abortions
CBS News—Prince Charles tests positive for the coronavirus
NBC News—Louisian pastor defies coronavirus order banning gatherings of more than 50 people and holds a church service for over 1,000 congregants
ABCnews.com—Judge orders environmental impact review of the Dakota oil pipeline
BBC News—Final episode of season 10 of The Walking Dead delayed due to the coronavirus

ABCnews.com—The US now leads the world in coronavirus cases, and we're nowhere near the peak
NBC News—Grocery store forced to throw out over $35,000 worth of food after woman purposely coughs on it as a prank
CBS News—A record 3.3 million Americans filed for unemployment in the wake of coronavirus layoffs
CNN.com—British inventor James Dyson has created a new kind of ventilator and is manufacturing an initial run of 15,000 to be used in the coronavirus fight
USA Today—MLB and the players union working on options to salvage at least a portion of the baseball season
BBC News—New study of mammals seeks to explain why females live longer than males

CNN.com—House passes the Senate's coronavirus stimulus package
ABCnews.com—UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson tests positive for the coronavirus
CBS News—Texas firm accused of auctioning off medical supplies
NBC News—Catholic church to allow members to eat meat on Fridays for the rest of Lent, saying they have sacrificed enough due to the coronavirus
USA Today—Abby Road crossing made famous on Beatles' album cover getting refurbished while London is on coronavirus lockdown
BBC News—NFL draft to move ahead as scheduled, but with no media or fans in attendance

CNN.com—Trump brags about the ratings for his coronavirus press conferences while thousands of people are dying because of his administration's incompetence in the face of a pandemic
CBS News—Florida pastor arrested after holding two large church services in defiance of the county's stay-at-home order
ABCnews.com—Bar owner in NYC arrested for violating the city's shelter-in-place order
USA Today—Wimbledon to be canceled for the first time since WWII
NBC News—Van Gogh painting stolen from Dutch museum that was closed as a result of the coronavirus
BBC News—Trump extends social distancing guidelines until the end of April

BBC News—Stock markets suffer worst quarter since 1987
CBS News—Idaho governor signs two anti-transgender bills into law
CNN.com—Amazon fires worker who organized Staten Island warehouse walkout
NBC News—New Jersey couple charged with child endangerment after hosting a party for dozens of people at their home despite coronavirus lockdown
ABCnews.com—New Marriott data breach affects 5.2 million customers
USA Today—You can now use Open Table to reserve shopping times at some grocery stores

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