daily links: september 2020

CBS News—Trump denies that he suffered a series of mini strokes, although no one had brought that up before he said it, so...
CNN.com—Old Navy will pay its retail workers to staff polling places on election day
ABCnews.com—Facebook shuts down Russian troll network on its platform after tip from the FBI
USA Today—Trump administration imposes national four month moratorium on residential evictions
NBC News—Jeff Bezos' ex-wife is now the richest woman in the world
BBC News—The US tops 6 million Covid cases and over 180,000 deaths

CBS News—CDC tells states to start planning for Covid vaccinations by Nov 1. Gee, unproven and untested vaccines rolling out on the eve of the election? Politics doesn't have anything to do with this at all.
ABCnews.com—Meanwhile, in the real science world, the US is refusing to join a global effort coordinated by WHO to develop and distribute a safe vaccine
USA Today—Scientists detect gravitational wave from the merger of two black holes
CNN.com—Disney announces that the second season of The Mandalorian will be released on October 30
NBC News—Trump urges his supporters in North Carolina to vote twice to test the fraud detection system for mail-in ballots. Of course, that's completely illegal and they could wind up in jail if they do that.
BBC News—Unilever pledges to eliminate the use of fossil fuels in the formulations of its cleaning products by 2030

CNN.com—DHS warns that Russian trolls are using social media to amplify false claims about mail-in voting leading to voter fraud
ABCnews.com—Georgia Methodist congregation splits from the United Methodist Church because of the main church's approval of same-sex marriages and the ordination of openly LGBTQ pastors
CBS News—Tyson Foods will open medical clinics that will offer primary care services for employees and their families
USA Today—One-third of Big 10 athletes who have tested positive for Covid have also experienced a potentially fatal heart condition as one of the effects of the virus
NBC News—Miami high school student charged with committing cyberattacks that disrupted virtual learning for the entire school district
BBC News—Facebook says it will not allow any new political ads to be shown on the platform for a week before the election. Great—how about you also ban ads that contain lies and misleading information?

CBS News—Trump claims that he would "swear on a stack of anything" that he did not call dead American troops "losers" and "suckers", which is alleged in a report in The Atlantic and corroborated by other news outlets. The problem is, we all know he's a pathological liar whose promises and statements don't mean anything.
ABCnews.com—Tennessee state trooper fired and charged with assault after ripping off a man's facemask during a traffic stop
BBC News—US adds 1.4 million jobs in August, bringing the unemployment rate below 10% for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic
CNN.com—Filming halted on new Batman movie after star contracts Covid
NBC News—Kanye West spent nearly $6 million on his failed presidential bid/publicity stunt
USA Today—White professor who was raised in Kansas admits that she has been claiming to be black and to have grown up in the Bronx and/or the Caribbean for her entire career

CNN.com—Bill Barr wants the DOJ to take over the defense for a defamation lawsuit against Trump based on allegations of a sexual assault that happened long before Trump was president
CBS News—Trump's postmaster general being investigated for violating campaign financing laws by compelling subordinates to donate to the GOP and then paying them back through bonuses
ABCnews.com—After a story claiming that Trump insulted dead American soldiers (which was corroborated by multiple news outlets), Trump doubles down and insults current military commanders
USA Today—Major human trial for one of the Covid vaccines put on hold due to unexplained side effects in a significant number of people. This is why you can't rush a vaccine to market.
NBC News—Snow hits Denver three days after the city experienced temperatures in excess of 100 degrees
BBC News—Several boats are swamped and sink during pro-Trump boat parade on Texas lake

CNN.com—In a new book from Bob Woodward based on a series of on-the-record interviews with Trump and people in his administration, we now know that Trump knew how deadly Covid was going to be as early as January 2020 and chose to downplay the severity, leading to tens of thousands of needless American deaths, likely to become hundreds of thousands before all is said and done
ABCnews.com—Pence to attend event hosted by QAnon backers
CBS News—Microsoft announces release dates and price points for next gen Xbox consoles
NBC News—DHS whistleblower says top officials at the agency lied to Congress and routinely distorted intelligence information to fit Trump's statements and beliefs
USA Today—JC Penney to be sold to a group of mall owners
BBC News—Facebook engineer resigns with a public letter stating that he can no longer work for a place that profits off hate

BBC News—The Walking Dead announces its final extended season that will begin in 2021 and end in 2022
ABCnews.com—Trump wants federal judget to block Nevade state law that allows for mass voting by mail
CNN.com—Portland mayor bans police from using tear gas
NBC News—In what will come as a surprise to no one who lives in a science-based reality, a study finds that you are much more likely to catch Covid if you dine in at a restaurant or go out to a bar
USA Today—Walmart testing drone deliveries in Fayetteville, NC
CBS News—Actress Diana Rigg, who played an iconic character in Game of Thrones, dies at 84

when the walls fell

CBS News—Astronomers find chemical signatures associated with life on Venus
ABCnews.com—Anti-inflammatory drug could speed Covid recovery time
CNN.com—Oracle to take over US operations for TikTok in a deal that will allow the app to remain on US networks and devices
USA Today—Hurricane Sally takes aim at Gulf Coast only weeks after it was hit by Laura
NBC News—DOJ internal watchdog investigating the light sentencing of Trump crony Roger Stone
BBC News—Google claims that its carbon footprint is now zero

NBC News—Connecticut to start issuing fines to people who do not wear masks in public
CNN.com—Louisville settles wrongful death lawsuit from Breonna Taylor's family for $12 million, but her killers—policemen who executed a no-knock warrant late at night at the wrong address—still have not been charged
USA Today—Apple announces new iPad and Apple Watch models
CBS News—Billionaire hedge fund manager Steve Cohen reaches deal to buy New York Mets
ABCnews.com—Suspect drops winning lottery ticket while fleeing from police
BBC News—UK to test inhaled Covid vaccines that may offer better protection for the lungs

USA Today—Trump criticizes Biden for not enacting a national mask mandate, although Biden currently holds no national office and Trump, the actual president, has steadfastly refused to even recommend mask wearing, much less require it
CBS News—The Fed says it will keep interest rates near zero through at least 2023
CNN.com—Hurricane Sally hits Florida and Alabama
ABCnews.com—For the first time in its 175 year history, Scientific American endorses a presidential candidate. It will come as no shock that they chose Joe Biden.
NBC News—Big 10 schools reverse course and say they will play football this fall after all
BBC News—PS5 will be priced the same as the next generation Xbox

CBS News—New York State files $2 billion lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson for the company's role in the opioid crisis
CNN.com—Parents send their child to school in Massachusetts despite knowing that he was positive for Covid
ABCnews.com—Former FBI director James Comey to testify before the Senate prior to the election
NBC News—Yet another woman comes forward to accuse Trump of sexually assaulting her, joining dozens of others
USA Today—Star from Netflix's Cheer documentary charged with producing child pornography
BBC News—Barack Obama to release memoir two weeks after this year's presidential election

NBC News—HHS emails reveal that there was a plan to send 5 reusable cloth masks to every household in America in April, but it was nixed by Trump
CBS News—TikTok and WeChat to be banned in the US after Trump nixes deal for Oracle to take operational control of the companies in the US
CNN.com—The National Hurricane Center has run out of storm names for 2020
ABCnews.com—Judge blocks Ohio secretary of state's order that ballot dropboxes be limited to one per county
USA Today—Utah police officer charged with assault for ordering his K9 dog to bite a black man who was kneeling with his hands in the air during an arrest
BBC News—Nintendo 3DS discontinued after nearly a decade on the market

NBC News—Bill Barr further politicizes DOJ by declaring cities run by democrats as "anarchist jurisdictions" in a ploy to withhold federal funds
CNN.com—Second judge rules against postmaster general DeJoy, a Trump lackey, and says that election mail must be prioritized
CBS News—Woman arrested for attempting to send the deadly poison ricin through the mail to Trump
ABCnews.com—Cruise lines say they will test every passenger and crew member prior to boarding as part of their plan to resume sailing from American ports
BBC News—Microsoft buys game developer Bethesda for $7.5 billion
USA Today—Costco is bringing back its wine advent calendar

CBS News—The US now officially has over 200,000 dead from Covid, and that's very likely an undercount
ABCnews.com—If the GOP fills Ginsburg's seat with another ultra-conservative judge after denying Obama the right to even have his nominee voted on, I see no option but for Dems to expand the court if they regain power this November
CNN.com—White House makes another soon-to-be-broken promise to share details of a healthcare plan
USA Today—NASA unveils $28 billion plan to send people back to the moon by 2024 and promises that the crew will include a woman
NBC News—Michael Jordan forms NASCAR team and hires Bubba Wallace (currently the only full-time black driver in NASCAR) as his driver
BBC News—GE says it will stop building coal-fired power plants

CNN.com—Grand jury chooses not to charge any officers directly with the murder of Breonna Taylor
CBS News—Fauci and CDC director testify to congress that a Covid vaccine will not be widely available until at least next spring
NBC News—Judge rules that Eric Trump must sit for a deposition prior to the election in a New York fraud investigation
USA Today—California governor signs executive order banning the sale of new gasoline powered passenger vehicles by 2035
ABCnews.com—eBay workers plead guilty to send live spiders and cockroaches in the mail to the home of a couple who wrote negative blog posts about the auction site
BBC News—Uncle Ben's changes its name to Ben's Original and removes its traditional mascot—a black man—from all of its packaging

ABCnews.com—Trump refuses to commit to a peaceful transfer of power if he loses
BBC News—Trump is sued for fraud by his niece Mary, who claims that she was cheated out of her inheiritance by her uncle
CBS News—Facebook says it will reject any ads that declare an election winner before the results are officially confirmed
NBC News—Bay Area proposal would have workers at large companies work from home for at least 3 days a week even after the pandemic ends as a way to curb greenhouse gas emissions
CNN.com—Police in Vietnam seize 345,000 used condoms that were cleaned and sold as new
USA Today—Costco will no longer sell popular brand of pimento cheese after company owner makes racist comments on social media

BBC News—China sets goal to be carbon neutral by 2060
NBC News—Justice Ginsberg is first woman and first Jewish person to lie in state at the US Capitol
ABCnews.com—Federal judge orders White House to include a sign language interpreter at all press briefings
CNN.com—House Dems to introduce a bill that sets Supreme Court term limits to 18 years
CBS News—Amazon launching new flying camera security drone for the interior of your home
USA Today—Kraft to release pumpkin spice mac and cheese this fall

CNN.com—NY Times obtains Trump's tax returns and say that they show he paid no taxes at all in 10 of the past 15 years and paid only $750 in each of the first two years of his presidency
ABCnews.com—Former Trump campaign manager, who was demoted after the Tulsa rally fiasco, barricades himself in his home and threatens to commit suicide
BBC News—NFL legend Joe Montana saves his 9 month old grandchild from a kidnapping attempt
NBC News—NYC sheriffs make arrests for Covid distancing violations at indoor wedding reception for 300 people
CBS News—California city poised to become first in nation to ban junk food displays in grocery store checkout aisles
USA Today—Cream of Wheat to remove image of black chef from its packaging

NBC News—Trump's tax returns reveal that he has hundreds of millions of dollars in personal debt that will come due over the next four years, but we have no idea currently who or what entities/nations it is owed to
CBS News—NYC to start fining people who are not wearing masks in public after first offering them a mask if they do not have one
ABCnews.com—Two NFL teams suspend in-person operations after 8 players and staff members test positive for Covid
CNN.com—Disney laying off 28,000 employees in the US due to the pandemic's impact on theme park attendance
USA Today—Scientists believe they have found three large bodies of water half a mile beneath the surface of Mars
BBC News—Amazon introduces touchless palm scanner that can be used for secure payments

ABCnews.com—Trump explicitly refuses to denounce white supremacists during the debate, instead telling his racist supporters to "stand back and stand by"
CNN.com—After a disaster of a debate where Trump refused to follow the rules, constantly interrupting and interjecting when it was not his time to speak, the debate commission says it will put new measures in place to control him for the next one
ABCnews.com—Two NFL teams suspend in-person operations after 8 players and staff members test positive for Covid
NBC News—Facebook removes Trump ads with false and misleading information about refugees and Covid
CBS News—NFL game postponed after one team has several people test positive for Covid
USA Today—Ikea to stop selling non-rechargable batteries by 2021

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