daily links: august 2020

CBS News—Georgia's largest school district, which is set to reopen for in-person learning next week, already has 260 staff and teachers who have tested positive for Covid
USA Today—Manhattan DA suggests that the investigation into Trump's finances goes far beyond the hush money payments made to porn stars Trump had affairs with
NBC News—Democrats threaten to expand the Supreme Court if the GOP-controlled Senate confirms a Trump nominee should there be a vacancy before the next president takes office
CNN.com—Trump threatens to ban TikTok in the US, then says he will allow a US company to buy it—but only if the US treasury gets a cut of the sale price? If there weren't so many WTF decisions coming out of this administration every day, this would be a huge WTF moment.
BBC News—Co-creator of the computer mouse Bill English dies at 91
ABCnews.com—Yelp says that 60% of restaurant closures due to Covid restrictions are permanent

CNN.com—Dozens killed and thousands injured after massive blast rocks Beirut
ABCnews.com—30 year old person dies from Covid after attending a Covid party where attendees deliberately tried to get the virus from the infected host
BBC News—Defending US Open champion Rafael Nadal will not play the tournament this year because the pandemic is not under control in the US
CBS News—Shortage of disinfectant wipes might last until 2021
USA Today—Disney's live action Mulan coming to Disney+, but you will need to pay a $30 premium on top of your monthly subscription cost
NBC News—Lilly begins testing antibody drug in nursing homes meant to prevent Covid

BBC News—The price of gold rises above $2000 an ounce
ABCnews.com—Trump campaign sues Nevada over its plan to mail ballots to all registered voters in the state
CBS News—NYC setting up Covid checkpoints for visitors after three straight days with zero Covid deaths
CNN.com—GOP operatives working to get Kanye West on election ballots in several states in an attempt to pull black voters from Joe Biden
NBC News—Journalist Pete Hamill dies at 85
USA Today—Home of YouTube star Jake Paul raided by the FBI

CNN.com—New York AG files lawsuit to dissolve the NRA for rampant fraud by its executive board members
ABCnews.com—US government rescinds advisory against international travel for US citizens, but who's going to let us into their country at this point anyway?
CBS News—Ohio's Republican governor tests positive for Covid hours before he was supposed to greet Trump at the airport for a campaign visit
NBC News—Facebook and Twitter remove Trump posts that contain Covid falsehoods and misinformation
BBC News—LA will start shutting off power and water to party mansions that host gatherings in violation of Covid restrictions
USA Today—Passenger removed from American Airlines flight for wearing a face mask with an expletive written on the front

ABCnews.com—US intelligence community releases report claiming that both Russia and China are trying to influence the upcoming presidential election, with Russia preferring Trump and China preferring Biden
CBS News—Appeals court rules that Congress has the power to subpoena former White House counsel Don McGahn to testify about his time serving Trump
CNN.com—Judge rules that writer E. Jean Carroll can continue to seek Trump's DNA as part of a defamation lawsuit against the president
USA Today—Trump signs executive order that will ban TikTok and WeChat in the US if they are not sold by their Chinese parent companies to US-based companies
NBC News—New York governor will allow all schools to open of in-person instruction, but leaves it to the discretion of local school districts and governments to make the decision
BBC News—Facebook deletes one of the biggest QAnon groups on its platform with over 200,000 members, but many others remain

CNN.com—UNC cancels in-person classes after a wave of positive Covid tests the first week on campus. A friend's comment: "To be fair, only everyone saw this coming."
NBC News—Cheap and quick Covid saliva test developed by Yale and tested in the NBA bubble gets approval from the FDA
CBS News—Trump administration moving ahead with plans to allow oil and gas drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
ABCnews.com—Two men indicted for the 2002 murder of Run DMC's Jam Master Jay
BBC News—Death Valley hits 130 degrees during western states heatwave, the highest temperature ever recorded
USA Today—The Washington NFL team hires the first black team president in the history of the NFL

CNN.com—With 20 states threatening lawsuits, the Postmaster General backs down and says he will not implement any further changes that lead to a reduction in service prior to the Nov 3 election
USA Today—Bipartisan Senate report gives more details on how Russia meddled in our last election and the "grave counterintelligence threat" posed by Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort
CBS News—St. Louis couple who are facing felony charges for pointing guns at peaceful protestors in their neighborhood have been invited to speak at the GOP convention
ABCnews.com—Champagne makers impose production limits in an effort to prop up prices
NBC News—S&P 500 closes with record high, erasing all losses since the beginning of the pandemic
BBC News—Tiny elephant rediscovered in Africa after it was thought to have gone extinct in the 1970s

CNN.com—Georgia leads the nation (and presumably the world?) in new coronavirus cases per capita. Kemp was clearly right to trust Georgians to do the right thing without a statewide mask mandate.
BBC News—Spanish region of Galicia bans smoking due to increased risk of spreading Covid when exhaling
CBS News—Apple becomes the first US company (and the second globally) to have a $2 trillion market cap
ABCnews.com—Trump calls on his supporters to ban Goodyear tires after the company purportedly disallows MAGA hats as acceptable workplace attire
USA Today—Anomaly in the Earth's magnetic field could cause issues for satellites
NBC News—Billionaire Sumner Redstone dies at 97

ABCnews.com—Trump loses latest legal battle over his tax returns, making it ever more likely that New York prosectuors will have access to them as part of their investigation into bank and tax fraud
CNN.com—Former Trump advisor and confidant Steve Bannon arrested on fraud charges for misusing funds raised in a crowdfunding effort to build a wall on the southern border
CBS News—Michigan will pay $600 million to Flint residents who were impacted by unsafe amounts of lead in their drinking water
NBC News—American Airlines canceling service to 15 cities
USA Today—Trump asks Supreme Court for permission to block people he doesn't like on the official presidential Twitter account
BBC News—Florida to release 750 million genetically modified mosquitoes in the Florida Keys in an attempt to reduce the overall mosquito population

NBC News—Former Green Beret accused of selling Defense Department secrets to Russia
USA Today—Lego launches braille bricks for the visually impaired
CNN.com—Multiple supernovae may have caused a mass extinction event on Earth 359 million years ago
ABCnews.com—Panda cub born in DC's National Zoo
BBC News—Kansas City Chiefs ban fans from wearing Native American headdresses and face paint to games
CBS News—Serial rapist and murderer known as the Golden State Killer sentenced to life in prison without parole

NBC News—Hong Kong researchers says they have discovered a confirmed case of a patient who was reinfected with Covid after fully recovering from his first infection
ABCnews.com—More than two dozen former GOP lawmakers endorse Biden for president on the first day of the Republican National Convention
CBS News—Under pressure from Trump, the FDA approves emergency use of plasma therapy for severe Covid patients. At this least one seems like it won't do any harm even if its potential effectiveness is yet unproven.
CNN.com—Kellyanne Conway announces she is leaving the White House. The rats are abandoning ship...
USA Today—Jerry Falwell Jr. resigns from Liberty University amid allegations of sexual improprieties at odds with the religious school's purported values
BBC News—Twitter labels another Trump tweet misleading for posting false information about voting by mail

BBC News—Man arrested after punching a $20 million Picasso painting
ABCnews.com—Woman is found alive in funeral home after paramedics declared her dead and put her in a body bag
CNN.com—Ohio State suspends 228 students for violating campus Covid guidelines
NBC News—Covid cases in 8 states are linked to Sturgis Motorcycle Rally
CBS News—Dow Jones dropping Exxon and Pfizer from its index of leading stocks
USA Today—McDonald's adding spicy chicken nuggets to its menu for a limited time in September

CNN.com—Revision of CDC guidelines around testing which will lead to less testing and make contract tracing harder were implemented after political pressure from the top of the Trump administration
ABCnews.com—NBA suspends all playoff games after player boycott over the shooting of Jacob Blake in Wisconsin
CBS News—Hurricane Laura increases in strength to Category 4 ahead of landfall in Texas and Louisiana
USA Today—Executives at the Washington NFL team purportedly asked for DVD of lewd outtakes from cheerleader photoshoots
NBC News—Florida woman slaps an 11 year old child and calls him the n-word after an minor accident at a go-kart track
BBC News—Painting one blade of a wind turbine black can help make the turbines more visible to birds and cut down on bird deaths

BBC News—The Fed announces that it will de-emphasize controlling inflation in favor of job creation
USA Today—Microsoft and Walmart to make joint bid for TikTok
CBS News—Jezz Bezos is now worth more than $200 billion
ABCnews.com—Germany institutes a national 50 euro fine for not wearing a mask in public
CNN.com—UCLA suing Under Armour for terminating a $280 million marketing deal
NBC News—Some remote workers are renting hotel rooms to create a workspace away from their living space

NBC News—After a two week pause due to Covid outbreaks on campus, Notre Dame set to resume in-person classes
ABCnews.com—Salesforce planning to lay off 1,000 employees despite just completed their most profitable quarter in company history where they made over $5 billion in revenue
CNN.com—As part of deal to resume NBA playoffs, basketball arenas will be set up as voting sites in November
CBS News—Lord & Taylor, one of the oldest department stores in the US, will close its doors after nearly two centuries in operation
USA Today—Facebook tells its investors that Apple's new personal data protection features in the upcoming iOS 14 could cut significantly into the social media company's revenue
BBC News—Elon Musk says his machine/brain integration company Neuralink will soon be ready for a human demonstration

BBC News—Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman dies at 43 after four year battle with colon cancer
CBS News—Another tweet from Trump removed by Twitter, this one for touting false Covid data
ABCnews.com—Liberty University announces formal investigation into former president Jerry Falwell Jr.
CNN.com—New Jersey teen who organized BLM protest is sent a bill from the mayor for $2500 to cover overtime for its officers
USA Today—The three biggest US airlines drop their change fees for travelers who need to switch their flights
NBC News—Amazon given FAA approval for delivery drones

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