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ABCnews.com—Trump orders police and National Guard to use tear gas to clear peaceful protesters so he could have a photo op holding a bible outside a church near the White House
NBC News—Trump says he will send in the military to "dominate" protesters, which is he shouldn't be able to do because 1) using the military for domestic law enforcement is illegal and 2) the right to peaceably assemble is protected under the First Amendment
CNN.com—After successful launch on Saturday, US astronauts dock with ISS and leave the Crew Dragon capsule
USA Today—Amazon limits deliveries to some areas amid protests
BBC News—Marriott reopens all its hotels in China as business travel starts to rebound
CBS News—Shares of Taser manufacturer rise as protests engulf the nation

ABCnews.com—Bishop of the diocese that owns the church where Trump did his photo op condemns Trump's actions as "antithetical to the teachings of Jesus"
CNN.com—GOP senators defend Trump's church photo op, because of course they did—they gave up anything resembling principles a long time ago
CBS News—Trump's most dangerous enabler, AG Barr, is the one who gave the order to have peaceful protestors forcefully cleared with tear gas and rubber bullets so Trump could have his church photo op
USA Today—Congressional Budget Office says it coud take a decade to recover economically from the impact of the coronavirus
NBC News—Six Atlanta police officers—including two who have already been fired—are charged with assault for dragging two college students from their car and using tasers on them
BBC News—Twitter bans hundreds of accounts for spreading misinformation about the DC protests, including some that were linked to a white nationalist group pretending to be an antifa group advocating violence

USA Today—Robert E. Lee statue and other Confederate monuments to be removed from Richmond's Monument Avenue
CBS News—Trump the Coward admits that he was in the White House bunker while protests were happening in DC, but says he was only "inspecting" it instead of hiding out there in fear
CNN.com—Four executives two major US chicken producers arrested for price fixing
ABCnews.com—Trump says he will move the GOP convention from NC because the state's governor won't guarantee that social distancing requirements will be lifted by August
NBC News—Derek Chauvin's charges elevated to second degree murder while the other three officers in George Floyd's death are charged with aiding and abetting murder
BBC News—US to ban passenger flights from China

USA Today—AG Barr claims, despite ample video evidence to the contrary, that the peaceful protest that was aggressively cleared by unindentified security forces to make way for Trump's church photo op was not actually peaceful
CNN.com—New details in the investigation into Ahmaud Arbery's murder alllege that he was hit with a pickup truck before being shot three times with a shotgun, and that his killer called him a racial slur as he lay dying from his wounds
ABCnews.com—Florida court prevents assault weapons ban proposal from appearing on the ballot this fall
BBC News—Twitter continues to fact-check Trump's false tweets. Too bad they didn't start doing that 10 years ago, or better yet, banned him altogether.
CBS News—Amazon warehouse workers sue the online retailer claiming that they caught the coronavirus at work due to lack of protective gear and procedures
NBC News—NBA owners eye July 31 season restart that will include only the top 22 teams as of mid March when the season was put on hold

CNN.com—57 police officers quit their unit after two of their members are suspended for unnecessarily shoving a 75 year old man to the concrete and fracturing his skull. The video is even more horrifying, with the officers stepping over him as blood is pouring from the back of his head. Good riddance. If they think this is good policing, they don't belong on the streets anyway.
ABCnews.com—NYPD suspends two officers who were caught on video assaulting peaceful protesters
CBS News—Michael Jordan announces that he and his company will donate $100 million over the next 10 years to racial justice and equality causes
USA Today—Area where Trump and Barr ordered their private police force to aggressively clear peaceful protesters for Trump's church photo op is renamed Black Lives Matter Plaza by DC mayor. She also directed city crews to paint "Black Lives Matter" in giant yellow letters on the street itself.
NBC News—Unemployment rate falls to 13.3% in May (from 14.7% in April) as economy adds 2.5 million new jobs
BBC News—Elon Musk calls for Amazon to be broken up

CNN.com—Supreme Court rules that civil rights protections in the workplace include LGBTQ people
ABCnews.com—I know all you scientifically literate people will be shocked by this, but coronavirus cases are spiking in states that have rolled back lockdowns
CBS News—Atlanta police chief resigns and Atlanta mayor implements changes to use of force policies after an unarmed black man is shot twice in the back as he was running from officers
USA Today—Trump cronies refuse to provide transparency over which companies received hundreds of billions in payroll loans as part of the coronavirus stimulus package
NBC News—Maskless woman in a bagel shop intentionally coughs on fellow customer who called her out for not having a mask on
BBC News—Scientists discover fossils of crocodile-like dinosaur that could run like an ostrich

CNN.com—Trump sues to stop publication of John Bolton's tell-all book
BBC News—AG Barr moving to restart federal executions, the first time this will happen since 2003
ABCnews.com—House votes to make Washington DC the 51st state
CBS News—Momentum growing for Mississippi to remove the embedded Confederate flag from its state flag, which would eliminate the racist symbol from all state flags
USA Today—Trump signs toothless executive order encouraging police departments review their use of force policies while completely ignoring systemic racism issues
NBC News—Common steriod found to reduce death rate in the sickest coronavirus patients

ABCnews.com—Atlanta officer who shot and killed Rayshard Brooks to face muder charges
BBC News—John Bolton claims that Trump sought help from China to win the 2020 election
NBC News—Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben's will redo their names and imagery due to the racist origins of their branding
CNN.com—University of Virginia is changing its athletics logo over due to the previous designs links to slavery-related imagery
USA Today—Statue of black tennis star Arthur Ashe in Richmond is vandalized and spray painted with the words "White Lives Matter"
CBS News—Target raising its minimum wage to $15 per hour

CBS News—Supreme Court blocks Trump's attempt to dismantle the DACA program in a decision authored by Chief Justice Roberts, but it leaves the door open for the administration to try again
CNN.com—Facebook removes ads placed by Trump's reelection campaign that used Nazi-affiliated hate symbols
NBC News—Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben's will redo their names and imagery due to the racist origins of their branding
ABCnews.com—Netflix CEO to donate $120 million to historically black colleges and universities
NBC News—Following Uncle Ben's and Aunt Jemima, Cream of Wheat is reviewing its use of a black chef on its packaging
USA Today—Walmart testing cashier-free store in Arkansas

BBC News—Oklahoma Supreme Court rules that Trump's rally in Tulsa can move ahead despite the rise in Covid cases in the state and the extreme likelihood of this becoming a superspreader event
ABCnews.com—Tennessee passes ban on abortions that take place after the sixth week of pregnancy
CNN.com—Ian Holm, who played Bilbo in Lord of the Rings, dies at 88
CBS News—Movie theater chain AMC initially announces that they will not require moviegoers to wear masks, but quickly reverses course after outcry from the public
USA Today—Louisville police officer responsible for Breonna Taylor's shooting death is fired
NBC News—Ford backtracks on plans to launch new Bronco model on OJ Simpson's birthday, which it says was purely coincidental

ABCnews.com—Barr and Trump oust the head US Attorney for the SDNY, the office that is investigating several Trump allies and possibly Trump and his family
BBC News—Trump holds his first campaign event in months to less than half full arena (that only held 19,000 to begin with) after boasting that up to 90,000 people would show up
CNN.com—Two Trump staffers who attended the Tulsa rally test positive for Covid, in addition to the six who tested positive who were part of the setup team
USA Today—Some Las Vegas casions paying gamblers $20 to wear masks inside
CBS News—FDA issues warning about hand sanitizers that contain methanol
NBC News—The acoustic guitar that Kurt Cobain played on Nirvana's Unplugged appearance sells for $6 million at auction

CNN.com—The EU is considering banning Americans from traveling to because of our poor handling of the pandemic and our subsequent massive surge in cases
CBS News—Georgia legislature passes hate crimes bill in the wake of Ahmaud Arbery's murder. As long as Georgia governor Brian Kemp signs it into law, there will only be three remaining states in the US without a hate crimes statute.
ABCnews.com—Judge refuses to block publication of John Bolton's book about Trump even as he warns that Bolton could face criminal charges and his profits could be seized
BBC News—Apple announces that it will move away from Intel chips in favor of its own processors for its desktop and laptop computers
USA Today—Walmart removes Mississippi state flags from its stores. Mississippi is the only remaining state flag with the Confederate flag embedded within its design
NBC News—Porn star Ron Jeremy charged with multiple counts of rape and sexual assault

BBC News—Federal appeals court orders the case against Michael Flynn—who pled guilty to the charges against him TWICE before AG Barr interfered with the case—to be dismissed
ABCnews.com—Former federal prosecutors who resigned in protest of Barr's interference in the Roger Stone case testify before Congress
CBS News—NASA names its DC headquarters after Mary Jackson, the agency's first black female engineer and the subject of the Hidden Figures movie
CNN.com—Orlando bar has its liquor license suspended after dozens of patrons and staff test positive for Covid
USA Today—7 companies say they will stop advertising on Facebook to protest the social media company's failure to remove hate speech from its platform
NBC News—MLB will launch 60 game season starting in late July, with no fans, designated hitters for both leagues, and new rules for extra innings

ABCnews.com—NYPD officer charged with strangulation after being caught on camera using a chokehold during an arrest after the suspect was already in handcuffs
CBS News—Texas pauses its reopening amid a surge in new Covid cases
CNN.com—Several sheriffs in NC are refusing to enforce the state's statewide mandate on wearing masks in public
NBC News—NY court declines to halt the publication of a Trump family tell-all book by Donald Trump's niece Mary
BBC News—Gone With the Wind returns to the HBO Max streaming service with a disclaimer that it whitewashes the horrors of slavery
USA Today—The Dixie Chicks change their name to The Chicks

CBS News—Biden says he would make wearing face masks in public mandatory during the pandemic if he were elected president
CNN.com—Meanwhile, Trump insists on extraordinary measures that protect him from getting infected while refusing to wear a face mask, refusing to coordinate a national strategy for the pandemic response, and insisting that Covid is nothing to worry about
BBC News—In the midst of a global pandemic where the US has far and away the most cases, hospitalizations, and deaths, Trump wants to invalidate the ACA and remove health insurance from over 20 million vulnerable Americans
USA Today—Unilever, one of the biggest advertisers in the world, announces that it will halt all ads on Twitter and Facebook as long as the platforms allow and foster hate speech
ABCnews.com—Microsoft to permanently close all physical stores
NBC News—Segway to stop production of its iconic single-person vehicle

CNN.com—John Roberts sides with liberal justices to overturn Louisiana abortion law that would have essentially shut all abortion clinics in the state
USA Today—Russia offered the Taliban bounties for killing US soldiers, which resulted in several soldiers being killed. Trump likely knew no later than March and did nothing.
CBS News—Mississippi, the last state to feature the Confederate battle flag as part of its state flag, votes to remove it and design a new flag
ABCnews.com—Starbucks joins Coca-Cola, Levi's, Unilever, and others in halting their advertising on Facebook in light of the platform's refusal to remove hate speech and false information
NBC News—Trump retweets video showing one of his supporters yelling "White Power!" twice
BBC News—The Golden State Killer, a former policeman and soldier who committed dozens of rapes and at least a dozen murders, pleads guilty to all of his crimes in a plea deal to avoid the death penalty

NBC News—Supreme Court rules that religious private schools are eligible for the same public funds as non-religious private schools
CBS News—Americans will be barred from entry when the EU reopens its borders due to our large number of Covid cases
CNN.com—Pilot study finds that a few minutes of staring into red light each day could prevent decline in eyesight as we age
BBC News—Avatars in game targeted at children are hacked to display pro-Trump messages
USA Today—Netflix moving $100 million to black-owned banks
ABCnews.com—Lululemon to acquire at-home fitness company Mirror for $500 million

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