daily links: november 2020

CNN.com—Sean Connery dies at 90
CBS News—Judge denies Texas GOP's attempt to throw out 127,000 legally cast ballots the day before the election
USA Today—Caravan of Trump supporters surround Biden campaign bus on the highway and attempt to run it off the road. The incident is under investigation by the FBI.
ABCnews.com—Edward Snowden seeking Russian citizenship
NBC News—Coordinated terror attack in Vienna leaves 1 dead and 15 wounded
BBC News—India asks its citizens to eat more sugar to deal with surplus

USA Today—Hundreds of thousands of mail-in ballots could be missing due to issues with the postal service
CNN.com—Trump hints that he will fire Fauci at one of his campaign rallies
NBC News—Federal voter intimidation lawsuit filed against North Carolina police department that pepper sprayed crowd of peaceful protestors who were marching to a polling site together
CBS News—Kentucky state police commissioner resigns after developing training program that incorporated quotes from Hitler
ABCnews.com—Group of cruise ship operators announce that they will not have any sailings from the US for the remainder of 2020
BBC News—Millions of US voters received robocalls telling them to "stay safe and stay home" instead of voting

CBS News—Trump gives 2 a.m. speech falsely claiming victory and demanding a halt to all further vote counting despite millions of legal votes still being counted in dozens of states
USA Today—While he has not crossed the 270 electoral college threshold yet, Joe Biden has already received the most votes for president in the history of the country
ABCnews.com—US officially withdraws from Paris Climate Accord
NBC News—Florida votes to raise the state's minimum wage to $15 per hour
CNN.com—Ballot initiative in California passes, which will allow Uber and Lyft to classify their employees as independent contractors despite the fact that they are, indeed, employees
BBC News—Twitter hides multiple Trump tweets claiming that he has won the election and that places where he didn't win were engaged in voter fraud

CNN.com—Trump holds press conference where he baseless claims victory and says all new votes for Biden are the result of fraud and illegal ballots
USA Today—Nevada approves constitutional amendment to become first state to protect same sex marriage in its constitution
ABCnews.com—Virgin Galactic planning its first manned spaceflight launch from its New Mexico spaceport
NBC News—San Francisco adds "overpaid executive" tax, which institutes a .01% tax on any company whose CEO makes 100 times the salary of the average worker
BBC News—Fortnight could return to iOS via cloud gaming services
CBS News—ESPN plans to cut 50% of its workforce

CBS News—Mail-in ballots give Biden slim leads in Pennsylvania and Georgia
CNN.com—Trump tells his confidantes that he has no plan to concede the election to Biden, even as it becomes increasingly clear that he has lost
ABCnews.com—Two armed men from Virginia arrested while allegedly on their way to the vote counting center in Philadelphia
USA Today—Twitter bans Steve Bannon after he calls for the executions of Anthony Fauci and FBI Director Christopher Wray
NBC News—Denver reverses ban on owning pit bulls that has been in place for more than 30 years
BBC News—Strange radio bursts coming from within our own galaxy have been traced to a type of dying star called a magnetar

CBS News—All the major news outlets—including Fox News—project that Joe Biden has won the 2020 presidential election
ABCnews.com—Lame duck Trump fires defense secretary Mark Esper
CNN.com—HUD secretary Ben Carson becomes latest in Trump administration to test positive for Covid
USA Today—Biden names the members of his Covid task force as part of his transition efforts
NBC News—Trump will lose his special Twitter protections in January after he is no longer president. Expect him to be banned within 48 hours at that point due his continued denial of the election outcome and his incitements to violence.
BBC News—Alex Trebek, long-time host of Jeopardy, dies at 80 after lengthy battle with pancreatic cancer

CNN.com—Department of Defense in chaos as multiple senior officials are replaced by Trump loyalists
CBS News—Two conservative Supreme Court justices signal that they are unlikely to invalidate the entirety of the ACA in latest lawsuits against Obamacare
ABCnews.com—US sets daily record for new Covid cases with nearly 128,000 new cases reported on Saturday
USA Today—Air Force general charged with sexually assaulting a civilian
NBC News—Mississippi votes to replace its Confederate-inspired state flag with an updated design without Confederate overtones
BBC News—Apple unveils its first computers powered by its own chips instead of the Intel chips it has used since 2005

ABCnews.com—Trump's refusal to concede and begin the transition process could pose a grave threat to national security. But since he's a treasonous rat who doesn't care about this country, that's not surprising.
USA Today—Georgia will do a hand recount of ballots in the close presidential race, but it is unlikely to change the outcome
CNN.com—Texas becomes first state to hit 1 million Covid cases. If it were a country, it would have the 11th most in the entire world.
CBS News—Ring recalls 350,000 of its video doorbells due to fire risk
BBC News—Rolls Royce plans to build 16 mini nuclear power plants in the UK
NBC News—Writer Jeffrey Toobin fired from The New Yorker after exposing himself during a video conference call

NBC News—Ohio's GOP governor reimposes statewide mask mandate with even tougher provisions than the original order that was issued in July
CBS News—Biden names Ron Klain as his chief of staff, a role he served in when Biden was vice president under Obama
CNN.com—Appeals court upholds Harvard's use of race in its admission process
ABCnews.com—Bank proposes 5% tax on workers who are able to work from home
USA Today—Trump aide Corey Lewandowski tests positive for Covid
BBC News—Ticketmaster says it has no plans to require future concert-goers to produce proof that they have had a Covid vaccine. That's not the worst idea in the world though.

USA Today—Secret Service corps ravaged with Covid infections. Gee, I wonder how that happened?
CBS News—Miami Marlins hire Kim Ng as their new general manager, and she is both the first woman and the first Asian-American to be GM of an MLB club
CNN.com—Mark Zuckerberg says that Bannon's comments about beheading federal officials don't rise to the level of a Facebook ban
BBC News—California becomes second US state to report over 1 million Covid cases
ABCnews.com—DoorDash planning IPO
NBC News—14 carat pink diamond sells for over $26 million at auction

ABCnews.com—Moderna reports that its phase 3 vaccine trials show that its vaccine is more than 94% effective, and it doesn't have the same cold storage issues as the one from Pfizer
CBS News—Hurricane Iota strengthens to Category 5 as it approaches Central America
CNN.com—NCAA says it will host the entirety of March Madness in Indianapolis
BBC News—Stock market soars on vaccine hopes
NBC News—Sony and Microsoft release their next gen consoles
USA Today—Zoom removes time limits for free accounts for Thanksgiving

ABCnews.com—Georgia secretary of state (who runs the state's elections) says that Lindsey Graham pressured him to throw out ballots for Biden
BBC News—US bill that would allow the country to prosecute anyone involved in doping at international sporting events is set to be signed into law
CNN.com—Amazon will soon be able to ship prescription medications directly to Prime members
CBS News—University dean resigns after calling Biden voters "ignorant, anti-American, and anti-Christian" on Facebook
NBC News—McDonald's to sell its own internally-developed meat-free meat substitutes next year under the brand name McPlant
USA Today—New Orleans cancels 2021 Mardi Gras parades

ABCnews.com—Trump fires the head of the DHS cybersecurity division via tweet because he wouldn't back up Trump's claims of election fraud
CNN.com—NYC to close all public schools tomorrow due to surge in Covid cases
CBS News—FAA clears the 737 Max for flight after a series of deadly crashes grounded it two years ago
USA Today—Mets star Robinson Cano suspended for entire 2021 season after positive PED test, his second violation of the league's drug policy
BBC News—New app claims that it can translate your cat's meows
NBC News—Tiny owl rescued from Rockefeller Center Christmas tree

ABCnews.com—Famous Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico to be decomissioned after multiple cable failures make it too difficult to repair
BBC News—Lawsuit alleges that managers at Tyson meat plant had bets on how many workers would get sick with Covid after forcing them to come to work or lose their jobs, even if they were showing symptoms
CBS News—CDC urges Americans not to travel and have large family gatherings on Thanksgiving
USA Today—Apple to reduce app store commission fees for smaller developers
CNN.com—New process allows scientists to create diamonds at room temperature in just a few minutes
NBC News—Conan O'Brien leaving TBS for new show on HBO Max

CNN.com—Georigia's secretary of state certifies Biden's win in the state after hand recount verifies the scanned ballot totals
CBS News—Head of one of the largest healthcare systems in the midwest says he still will not wear a mask despite contracting Covid
BBC News—Buzzfeed will take over Huffington Post
NBC News—Previously unpublished works by Tolkien set in the Lord of the Rings world of Middle Earth will be released next year
ABCnews.com—Coming to America sequel to launch on Amazon Prime in March
USA Today—Wonder Woman 1984 to be released on Christmas on HBO Max alongside a limited theater release

CNN.com—Michigan certifies Biden's win in the state and awards its electors to him
CBS News—A third vaccine shows promising results
USA Today—Man chargee with assault after intentionally exhaling on two women outside of Trump golf club without a mask
BBC News—China launches mission to bring back material from the moon
NBC News—GM ordered to recall 6 million trucks due to faulty air bags
ABCnews.com—Giant wind turbine collapses in Sweden

NBC News—Supreme Court seems skeptical of Trump's attempt to exclude undocumented residents from being included in the census, but they may not act until more data about how many people would be excluded are compiled
CNN.com—Leaked documents reveal China's botched early response to the spread of Covid
BBC News—Unilever experimenting with four day workweek in New Zealand
CBS News—Metal monolith discovered last week in Utah desert mysteriously disappears
ABCnews.com—NYC bar declares itself an "autonomous zone" to try to get around Covid restrictions. I'm sure this will all work out just fine for them.
USA Today—49ers will play two of their scheduled home games in Arizona after San Francisco bans contact sports

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