daily links: december 2020

CNN.com—Trump associates seeking pardon from the president before he leaves office
NBC News—DOJ investigating bribery for pardon scheme
CBS News—Barr says the DOJ has found no evidence of widespread fraud in the 2020 election, contradicting the constant (but completely unfounded) claims of Trump
ABCnews.com—Salesforce to buy Slack for over $27 billion
BBC News—Georgia election official pleads with Trump to stop inciting violence over his false claims of fraud about the election
USA Today—Actor Ellen Page reveals that he is trans male and changes his name to Elliot

CBS News—Ivanka Trump deposed as part of investigation into misuse of inaugural funds
CNN.com—People receiving a Covid vaccine in the US will be issued a card to prove that they have had it
USA Today—Trump continues to push baseless claims of election fraud in newly released video
ABCnews.com—Airlines will soon be allowed ban emotional support animals on flights; only trained service dogs will be allowed to fly in the passenger cabin
NBC News—Despite record numbers of Covid cases and hospitalizations nationwide, the White House is still hosting indoor holiday parties where masks are not required and social distancing is not enforced
BBC News—Pfizer vaccine officially approved for use in the UK; vaccinations will begin next week

USA Today—Partisan Trump ally who was embedded at the DOJ is banned from the building after trying to force staffers to give her inside information about cases involving the president
ABCnews.com—Warner Bros. announces that its full slate of theater releases for 2021 will also be released simultaneously on the HBO Max streaming platform
NBC News—NASDAQ proposes diversity guidelines that would have to be met by all companies that wanted to be listed on its exchange
CBS News—Volunteer attacked by tiger at Carole Baskin's Big Cat Rescue animal sanctuary
CNN.com—Creator of the Slim Jim, Lon Adams, dies of Covid at age 95
BBC News—Trump administration sues Facebook, claiming that it "denied opportunities to US workers" in favor of international workers

ABCnews.com—Georgia refuses Georgia request to hold a new election after he came up short in the initial count and two subsequent recounts. I guess losing three times is enough, even for a Republican governor and chief election official.
CBS News—Judge orders that DACA must continue and that the program must also allow new applicants
USA Today—Pastor tells his congregation to actively try to get Covid so they can "get it over with"
CNN.com—German woman leaves her estate, valued at $7.5 million, to her neighbors
NBC News—House passes bill that would legalize cannabis nationwide
BBC News—Denmark, currently the EU's largest producer of oil and gas, says it will stop all new petro exploration and will stop producing fossil fuels by 2050

CBS News—Armed Trump supporters show up at home of Michigan elections official while she was decorating for Christmas with her four year old son
ABCnews.com—Supreme Court will allow a lower court ruling to stand that allows trans students to use the bathrooms for the gender they identify with rather than the one they were assigned at birth
USA Today—Rudy Giuliani hospitalized after revealing that he has tested positive for Covid
CNN.com—Bob Dylan sells his entire catalog of over 600 songs to Universal for over $300 million
NBC News—Facebook says it will remove any posts that make false claims about Covid vaccines. How about doing that for all other vaccines too while you're at it?
BBC News—Mystery illness in India hospitalizes hundreds

CNN.com—Supreme Court denies request from Pennsylvanian Republicans to block certification of that state's votes in another last-ditch attempt to steal an election that Trump clearly lost
CBS News—Biden promises that his administration will distribute 100 million Covid vaccine doses in his first 100 days in office
NBC News—Israeli space official claims that aliens exist, major governments know about them and are working with them, and that Trump wanted to tell the world
USA Today—Uber sells off its self-driving car division
ABCnews.com—Tesla wants to use new stock offering to raise an additional $5 billion in capital
BBC News—Man who found a treasure that stayed hidden for a decade reveals his identity and tells his story

ABCnews.com—FTC and 48 state AGs sue Facebook over anti-competitive practices
CNN.com—New study finds that men are almost three times as likely to be admitted to the ICU for Covid than women
CBS News—Nurse who posted video to Facebook and TikTok saying that she ignores Covid precautions when not at work is no longer employed
USA Today—Texas AG asks Supreme Court to overtun election results in four OTHER battleground states
NBC News—Trump is using his lame duck period to embark on a spree of federal executions
BBC News—Hunter Biden says his taxes are under investigation by federal prosecutors

CBS News—CDC director told his staff to delete an email from the Trump administration asking them to alter a scientific report on the impact of Covid on children for political purposes
ABCnews.com—Justice Department sues Alabama over prison conditions
NBC News—40% of US households say they still have a lower income than they did before the pandemic
BBC News—Elon Musk's Starship prototype has successful test flight but explodes after crash landing
USA Today—New species of whale discovered near remote island off the coast of Mexico
CNN.com—Ellen DeGeneres announces that she has tested positive for Covid

CNN.com—Supreme Court rejects Texas bid to overthrow election results in four battleground states
BBC News—New study may have identified genetic markers for people who will be more likely to have a severe reaction to Covid
ABCnews.com—The live events industry has lost an estimated $30 billion so far due to Covid restrictions
NBC News—Youth football coach caught on camera hitting a player
CBS News—Clorox now says its wipes won't be easily available again until mid-2021
USA Today—Nancy Grace and her family test positive for Covid

CNN.com—Electoral College votes to make Joe Biden the 46th president, just as all sane, rational people knew they would weeks ago. And yet still no concession from the giant baby in the White House.
USA Today—Trump supporters from Arizona send fake electors who tried to give the states 11 Electoral College votes to Trump even though Biden won the state
CBS News—NYC mayor says the city is facing another complete lockdown as cases surge
ABCnews.com—Trump announces that Bill Barr will resign by Christmas to spend time with his family. What does he care? He's gotten what he wanted from Trump anyway: a stacked Supreme Court that the country will be saddled with for another 30 years.
NBC News—Cleveland Indians will change their name after the 2021 season
BBC News—Apple will now force all app makers to tell users exactly what data they collect and what they do with it

CNN.com—For the first time since the election, Mitch McConnell acknowledges that Joe Biden will be our next president
CBS News—I know you will find this shocking, but the grifter-in-chief is using the Georgia Senate race to raise money for his own personal PAC.
NBC News—McConnell says the Senate will not adjourn for the holidays until it has passed a Covid relief bill
ABCnews.com—Trump announces that Bill Barr will resign by Christmas to spend time with his family. What does he care? He's gotten what he wanted from Trump anyway: a stacked Supreme Court that the country will be saddled with for another 30 years.
USA Today—Among Us now available on Nintendo Switch
ABCnews.com—The Legoland theme park in Florida is planning to expand next year

BBC News—Former police officer in Texas charged after ramming the van of an air conditioning repairman and forcing him out of his car at gunpoint, thinking he was somehow involved in a non-existent voter fraud enterprise
ABCnews.com—MLB officially acknowledges the Negro Leagues as part of the major leagues and will include its stats in official record books
CBS News—Pence will publicly receive the Covid vaccine on Friday
CNN.com—Parents in Ohio charged after renting a party bus for a child's birthday party and cramming 60 unmasked kids inside
USA Today—HBO Max is finally coming to Roku
NBC News—Bitcoin hits record high of over $20,000

CNN.com—Russia is prime suspect behind massive hack of dozens of government systems that went undetected for months. Trump, not surprisingly has no comment.
ABCnews.com—MacKenzie Scott, ex-wife of Jeff Bezos, has given over $4 billion to hundreds of charity organizations over the past four months
CBS News—EEOC says that businesses will be allowed to ban unvaccinated workers from the workplace once vaccines are widely available
USA Today—Trump's Palm Beach neighbors are pushing back against his plans to live at Mar-a-Lago after he leaves the White House, citing an agreement from 1993 that allowed him to turn it into a private club but prohibited anyone from living there full time
NBC News—Trump says he will veto the annual defense spending bill even though it was passed with a veto-proof bipartisan majority in both houses of Congress
BBC News—The actor who played Boba Fett in the original Star Wars trilogy, Jeremy Bulloch, dies at 75

NBC News—Deb Haaland set to become the first ever Native American cabinet member
CBS News—Yet another study finds that trickle-down economics does not work and that it just helps make the rich richer
ABCnews.com—Authorities bust illegal wine making operation at Alabama sewage plant
BBC News—Tesla will become part of the S&P 500 next Monday
CNN.com—A homeless man sentenced to life in prison for selling $20 of cannabis is freed after 12 years
USA Today—42 year old tech billionaire Ryan Smith buys the Utah Jazz

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