daily links: october 2020

CNN.com—Texas governor limits ballot dropboxes to one per county in an effort to suppress the vote of people who are taking the Covid pandemic seriously
ABCnews.com—Google pledges to pay out $1 billion to news content producers over the next three years
CBS News—Amazon will remove any items from its hosted storefronts that feature the "stand back and stand by" message that Trump sent to white supremacists during the debate
NBC News—Internal documents show that the Trump administration told federal law enforcement officials to write a sympathetic report about Kyle Rittenhouse, a teenager who crossed state lines with an illegal weapon to murder two protestors in Wisconsin
BBC News—Twitter removes over 100 accounts linked to Iran that were disrupting the public discourse about the presidential debate
USA Today—Graduate student in art history believes that Edward Hopper borrowed some of his earliest paintings from paint-by-numbers works that were published in the 1890s

CNN.com—Trump and the first lady both test positive for Covid. The White House is claiming they both have mild symptoms, but honestly, with all the lies that come from this administration, why should we believe that without further proof?
NBC News—Trump had a lot of travel and came into contact with a lot of unmasked people in the days before his positive diagnosis, when he would possibly have been infected and spreading it to others
CBS News—House passes $2.2 trillion Covid relief bill, but it is unlikely to be passed by the Senate
ABCnews.com—Five attendees of Barrett's SCOTUS nomination ceremony test positive for Covid
USA Today—Amazon reveals that over 20,000 of its workers have tested positive for Covid so far
BBC News—Final jobs report before the election shows slower growth than economists had predicted

BBC News—Trump returns to the White House after tweeting "Don't be afraid of Covid" to his followers. If having this disease and (so far) recovering only with the help of multiple experimental drugs that aren't available to people who aren't the president doesn't give him some empathy and doesn't make him take this seriously, nothing will. He is unfit to lead.
CBS News—Trump's press secretary becomes the latest person in Trump's close orbit to test positive for Covid
CNN.com—Trump campaign manager says rally protocols, such as masks being optional, will not change in the wake of Trump and several people in his inner circle contracting Covid
ABCnews.com—Regal Cinemas shutters all US theaters indefinitely after the new Bond film is delayed until next year
NBC News—Cops resumes production months after being canceled by the Paramount Network in the wake of the George Floyd murder and subsequent protests, but the production company says the new episodes will only air in international markets to fulfill contractual obligations
USA Today—The Houston Texans finally fire coach and GM Bill O'Brien after starting the season 0-4. Too bad they also let him ruin their draft prospects next year; he's already traded away their first and second round picks for next year.

CNN.com—Trump halts all negotiations on additional Covid stimulus until after the election
CBS News—Facebook removes Trump post where he falsely claims that more than 100,000 Americans die from the flu each year, a number that grossly overestimates the annual death toll
NBC News—Facebook says it will ban all QAnon pages and groups on Facebook and Instagram
USA Today—Eddie Van Halen dies of cancer at 65
BBC News—Dune and Batman films are moved to 2021 and 2022 respectively, while the fourth installment of The Matrix is moved to an earlier date than previously announced
ABCnews.com—Florida man arrested after threatening a census taker with a gun

CNN.com—Trump continues to show reckless disregard for the people around him by insisting on breaking his Covid isolation to return to the Oval Office to receive briefings in person
NBC News—Scumbag racist and architect of the child separation policy Stephen Miller becomes latest member of Trump's inner circle to test positive for Covid
CBS News—Citigroup fires executive who ran a QAnon website
BBC News—Swarms of mini-satellites meant to provide global internet access, such as SpaceX's Starlink system, could interfere with ground-based radio telescope arrays
ABCnews.com—Restaurant chain Ruby Tuesday files for bankruptcy
USA Today—Eskimo Pie to rename itself Edy's Pie starting early next year

CNN.com—13 right wing militia members charged with plotting to kidnap Michigan's Democratic governor as part of an attempt to overthrow the government
ABCnews.com—After the debate commission announces that the second debate will be virtual because Trump is infected with Covid, Trump says he will refuse to participate. So instead, ABC will air a town hall featuring only Joe Biden.
USA Today—Braves sweep the NLDS after a sweep of the wildcard round, moving for the NLCS for the first time since 2001
NBC News—Walter Reed doctors reveal that they were not permitted to be a part of Trump's care team unless they signed nondisclosure agreements
BBC News—Facebook's algorithm blocks ad for onions because it found their round shapes too sexually suggestive
CBS News—More New England Patriots test positive for Covid, threatening the team's ability to play on Sunday. Honestly, at some point teams should have to forfeit if they can't field a team of Covid-negative players rather than sacrifice the entire season because some teams can't follow protocol.

CNN.com—Trump, who is very probably still very infectious with Covid, plans to host a rally on the White House south lawn on Saturday
NBC News—In two hour radio interview with Rush Limbaugh, Trump claims that he has been cured of Covid and also says "fuck" on live radio
ABCnews.com—Princeton issue $1 million in back pay to female professors after accusations of gender pay inequality
USA Today—Doc Antle, a wild animal trainer featured on Tiger King, is charged with animal cruelty by Virginia AG
CBS News—Yelp to alert users if a restaurant has been accused of racist behavior
BBC News—Microsoft becomes the latest tech giant to allow most employees to work from home permanently, even after the Covid crisis is over

NBC News—Two Covid vaccine candidates pause their trials after test subjects come down with mysterious illness
CNN.com—Supreme Court grants Trump administration's request to halt the census count
ABCnews.com—Facebook halts antivaxxer ads on its site but will not police postings by users
CBS News—Apple unveils iPhone 12 and HomePod Mini
BBC News—The Great Barrier Reef has lost 50% of its corals since 1995 due to climate change
USA Today—Amazon cancels its years-in-development open world shooter Crucible after a poor launch earlier this year

CBS News—California GOP is installing fake drop boxes around the state and doing god knows what with the ballots that are deposited in them. This is completely illegally, but it's no shock that the party that sees voter fraud everywhere is actually the cause of it.
NBC News—Eight nations sign Artemis Accords, which set guidelines for the future exploration of the moon
CNN.com—University tells its students not to intentionally contract Covid so they can sell their blood plasma
ABCnews.com—8 year old girl dies from dehydration after her parents force her to jump on a trampoline in extreme heat for an extended period of time as a punishment
BBC News—A First Folio of Shakespeare sells for a record $10 million at auction
USA Today—Dunkin Donuts unveils Spicy Ghost Pepper donut for Halloween

NBC News—Despite a rushed confirmation process with incomplete answers at the hearings and incomplete paperwork, GOP will move ahead with vote on Barrett for the Supreme Court
CNN.com—FCC chair says he will seek to regulate social media under directions from Trump
CBS News—VP nominee Kamala Harris pauses campaign travel after a staff member tests positive for Covid
USA Today—Canada closes its border to US citizens until we get Covid under control
ABCnews.com—Rare lemur goes missing from San Francisco Zoo
BBC News—Pilots report more sightings of man flying in a personal jetpack near LAX

USA Today—The US becomes the first country in the world to hit 8 million confirmed cases of Covid
CBS News—History teacher in France beheaded by Muslim extremist after the instructor showed images of Mohammed in his class
ABCnews.com—Starbucks will tie executive compensation to diversity goals
NBC News—Michigan bans open carry of firearms near polling places on election day
CNN.com—GM will repurpose a Detroit factory once fated for closure as a dedicated facility for making electric vehicles
BBC News—WHO study of antiviral drug Remdesivir finds that it has little to no effect on survivability of patients with Covid

CNN.com—Thanks to Trump's childish impulsivity and inability to shut his mouth when it's not his turn to speak, microphones will be automatically muted when the other candidate has the floor
ABCnews.com—Pelosi sets Tuesday as the final deadline for potentially passing a Covid relief bill before the election
CBS News—Judge blocks Trump plan that would cut off food stamps for 700,000 people
USA Today—General Accounting Office to open investigation into Trump administration's improper influence over CDC and FDA policies
BBC News—Canadian town of Asbestos votes to rename itself
NBC News—Scientists design clock that can measure in zeptoseconds, the smallest unit of time ever recorded

BBC News—New York Times reports that Trump has a bank account with a Chinese bank that he has not previously disclosed and which he paid nearly $200,000 in taxes on in the years 2013-2015 (to the Chinese), as opposed to the zero dollars that he paid in US taxes during that same timeframe
CNN.com—Trump storms out of 60 Minutes interview that is scheduled to air this weekend
CBS News—Former RNC chairman Michael Steele endorses Joe Biden for president
NBC News—Miami police officer to be disciplined after engaging in voter intimidation by wearing a Trump 2020 mask while in full uniform when he entered a polling place
USA Today—Amazon will allow employees to work from home at least through June 2021
ABCnews.com—GM unveils revamped all-electric Hummer

ABCnews.com—Purdue Pharma, maker of OxyContin, will pay $8 billion to the US government in a criminal settlement for its role in the opioid crisis, and the company will also be dissolved
NBC News—Pope Francis calls for legal recognition of same-sex unions, a major shift in Vatican policy
BBC News—Over 500 immigrant children who were separated from their parents under Trump's intentionally cruel new policies still have not been reunited with their families
CNN.com—Scientists may have discovered a new organ in the human throat
USA Today—Heavily hyped streaming service Quibi to shut down after only six months
CBS News—Charlie Brown holiday specials will not be available on broadcast television this year, but they will be free to stream on Apple's Apple TV+ service

NBC News—Goldman Sachs to pay $2.9 billion settlement in Malaysia embezzlement scandal
ABCnews.com—Minnesota AG opens investigation into company based in Tennessee that hired armed guards to be "poll watchers" in Minnesota
USA Today—Burger King testing reusable packaging
CBS News—DOJ files antitrust lawsuit against Google
CNN.com—Coca-Cola will trim its global portfolio of beverages by half, eliminating 200 drink brands in order to focus on its most profitable offerings
BBC News—Borat sequel catches Giuliani in compromising position with actor who he believed was a 15 year old journalist

USA Today—Analysis shows that sticking to Trump's Covid "plan" would mean over 500,000 dead Americans by the end of February
CBS News—Trump campaign trying to stop early counting of mail-in ballots in battleground state Nevada
BBC News—Scientists use machine learning tools to develop an AI that can diagnose the onset of Alzheimer's years earlier based on how a person describes a drawing
CNN.com—Mitch McConnell tells reporters that he has no health issues despite visible severe bruising and bandages on his hands
NBC News—Gay male penguin couple in Duitch zoo steal eggs from the nest of a lesbian penguin couple
ABCnews.com—First murder hornet nest found in the wild in the US in Washington state

CNN.com—Pence declares himself to be an "essential worker" and will not quarantine despite being in close contact recently with five staff members who have tested positive for Covid
USA Today—NASA announces that recent discoveries point to water on the moon being more plentiful than previously thought
CBS News—California wildfire forces the evacuation of 60,000 people
ABCnews.com—Boston man arrested after setting official ballot drop box on fire while it contained approximately 120 ballots
NBC News—Stocks close lower in the US over fears about the unchecked growth of the Covid pandemic and the lack of an imminent stimulus package
BBC News—Pope appoints first African-American cardinal for the US

CNN.com—As expected, Senate GOP rams through appointment of Barrett to Supreme Court just days before an election in which tens of millions of Americans have already voted, despite not even holding a hearing on Obama's nominee several months before the election in the last year of his term
ABCnews.com—Federal judge rules that Barr's DOJ will not be allowed to represent Trump in a civil defamation case
CBS News—Pfizer plans to seek FDA approval for its Covid vaccine in November
USA Today—Amazon will add 100,000 seasonal jobs for the holiday season
BBC News—UK study finds that Covid antibodies fall rapidly after infection ends, meaning that immunity could be limited and reinfection is possible
NBC News—New coral reef that's as tall as the Empire State Building discovered off the coast of Australia

ABCnews.com—Stock market continues to plummet amid spiking Covid cases in the US
CBS News—Dodgers win their first World Series since 1988
NBC News—Maryland man arrested after refusing to wear a mask in a polling place
USA Today—Attendees at Trump rally in Nebraska stranded for hours in the cold after the campaign's failure to adequately provide buses for transport back to the parking lot, and several had to be hospitalized
BBC News—Trump's website hijacked and held for ransom
CNN.com—Panera adding pizza to its menu

CNN.com—Republican senator from Georgia and Trump devotee Kelly Loeffler claims that she has never seen or even heard about the Trump's infamous "grab them by the pussy" Access Hollywood tape
ABCnews.com—Wisconsin GOP says hackers stole $2.3 million from their Trump reelection account
CBS News—Walmart temporarily pulls guns and ammo from store floors in some locations fearing civil unrest related to the election
USA Today—Musician Grimes, who is also Elon Musk's paramour and the mother of his newborn son, changes her name to simply "c" after naming her child X AE A-XII
NBC News—Remnants of Hurricane Zeta sweep through southeast and leave millions without power (including us)
BBC News—United Airlines to pilot real-time Covid testing at airports

NBC News—Parents sue school district for requiring students to wear masks during in-person learning
ABCnews.com—McDonald's being sued by black franchisees who claim that the company reserves the best locations for white owners and pushes black owners into less profitable areas
CNN.com—Dunkin' being acquired for $11.3 billion by private equity group that also owns stakes in Arby's, Sonic, and Jimmy John's
CBS News—Netflix raising its prices again as it focuses on producing more original content
BBC News—Sacha Baron Cohen donates $100,000 to fan favorite babysitter from Borat 2
USA Today—The McRib is returning in December

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