daily links: april 2020

NBC News—Florida governor finally issues stay-at-home order after weeks of keeping beaches open for spring break, likely resulting in at least thousands of infections and hundreds of deaths
CNN.com—FDA calls for heartburn medication Zantac to be pulled from the market immediately
USA Today—Home Depot announces that it has stopped selling N95 masks and will donate its existing stock to health care workers
BBC News—Loss of smell and taste may be linked to coronavirus infection
ABCnews.com—Macy's has its credit rating downgraded and will also be removed from the S&P 500
CBS News—Lawsuit accuses Zoom of illegally selling customer data to Facebook

CBS News—Georgia governor finally issues statewide stay-at-home order and claims that he only found out recently that the coronavirus could be spread by asymptomatic people. Which means he's either a colossal liar or colossally stupid and uninformed.
ABCnews.com—Democratic National Convention moved from July to mid-August
NBC News—Navy removes captain who publicly pleaded for help as the coronavirus spread through his aircraft carrier
USA Today—6.6 million Americans filed for first-time unemployment benefits, more than doubling last week's record number
CNN.com—Fountains of Wayne frontman Adam Schlesinger dies at 52 from coronavirus
BBC News—Study of ancient Antarctic sediments reveal that the continent used to be a swampy, rainforest-like habitat

CNN.com—Louisville, KY, is putting ankle monitors on people who have been exposed to the coronavirus but who refuse to stay home
ABCnews.com—Trump refuses to issue a national stay-at-home order despite his own top medical experts saying it is necessary
CBS News—Amazon says it will provide all warehouse workers with face masks by next week
NBC News—Cruise lines that are incorporated in other countries and don't pay any federal income tax may not be eligible for bailout funds
USA Today—The NFL's new longer season could cause a conflict between the Super Bowl and Mardi Gras in 2024, when New Orleans is scheduled to host the championship game
BBC News—Zoom says it will freeze all development on new features while it works to shore up security issues in its app

CNN.com—UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson enters the ICU after testing positive for the coronavirus
CBS News—Ford converting one of its auto plants to produce ventilators, saying it can deliver 50,000 by July
USA Today—5G cell phone towers in Britain being burned down due to conspiracy theories saying they are responsible for the coronavirus
NBC News—After the Republican legistlature refused to postpone the primary, Wisconsin's governor issues an executive order moving it to June 9
BBC News—Tiger at the Bronx Zoo tests positive for the coronavirus
ABCnews.com—Congress working on fourth economic relief bill to deal with the fallout from the coronavirus

CBS News—Singer John Prine dies at 73 from coronavirus complications
ABCnews.com—Trump removes official who was selected by his peers to oversee the disbursement of the virus relief funds
USA Today—Apple will make 1 million face shields each week for medical workers
BBC News—YouTube tightens rules on coronavirus content after interview with conspiracy theorist David Icke where he claims that 5G cell towers are responsible for the pandemic is posted to the site
CNN.com—Sony unveils new DualSense controller for its upcoming PlayStation 5 console
NBC News—Two children hospitalized after eating THC-infused candy they got from a food bank

CNN.com—Bernie Sanders drops his presidential bid, leaving the path clear for Biden to be the Democratic nominee
CBS News—Twitter founder Jack Dorsey gives $1 billion—about a third of his net worth—to assist in coronavirus efforts
NBC News—Kentucky doctor attacks group of teenage girls because they were not social distancing
ABCnews.com—US intelligence agencies warned Trump administration of coronavirus catastrophe as early as November
BBC News—US has most coronavirus deaths in a single day so far on April 7
USA Today—Atlanta Falcons reveal their new uniform designs, and they are just awful

NBC News—6.6 million more Americans filed for unemployment last week, bringing the total since the coronavirus shutdown began to more than 16 million
ABCnews.com—There are more cases of the coronavirus in the state of New York than there are in any country outside the US
USA Today—Announcement of Pulitzer winners delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic
CBS News—Nike joins the growing list of companies that are repurposing their manufacturing to make protective equipment for healthcare workers
CNN.com—Boris Johnson is no longer in the ICU but he is still hospitalized and receiving treatment for the coronavirus
BBC News—Disney+ has amassed over 50 million subscribers in its first five months of operation

ABCnews.com—Spain will allow non-essential workers to return to work next week, but scientists say this action is too early and could cause a resurgence in the coronavirus
NBC News—Kentucky governor signs order that mandates quarantine for anyone who chooses to attend an Easter service in person
USA Today—Lego making 13,000 face visors per day for healthcare workers
CNN.com—Microsoft is giving its workers an extra 12 weeks of paid parental leave to help them deal with school disruptions caused by the coronavirus
CBS News—Trans woman in Panama fined for violating the country's gender-based coronavirus lockdown
BBC News—Scientists say that humans were cultivating crops in the Amazon more than 10,000 years ago

CNN.com—Heavily populated states on the east and west coasts form consortiums to cooperate on when and how to reopen from the shutdown in the absence of consistent, reliable, and fact-based decision-making from the Trump administration
USA Today—50 to 70 million Americans should recieve their stimulus checks by April 15
NBC News—Trump says it's his decision when to reopen the country, but legal scholars say it's up to individual states, specifically their governors (who are the ones who issued the shutdown orders in the first place)
BBC News—Bacteria spread by insects that kills olive trees could cost billions if it continues to spread
ABCnews.com—GMA host and former Clinton official George Stephanopoulos tests positive for COVID-19
CBS News—Disney to furlough 43,000 workers, but it will keep their health benefits active for up to a year

BBC News—Despite voter suppression efforts by the GOP that made voters risk their lives in order to exercise their constitutional rights, Democrat wins state supreme court seat in Wisconsin
CBS News—Florida governor deems WWE "essential" business and will allow the wrestling network to continue taping during the shutdown
ABCnews.com—Several of the country's biggest meat processing plants go into shutdown from the coronavirus
USA Today—NASCAR driver fired from his racing team after using a racial slur on a public channel during an online racing event
NBC News—New York Yankees co-owner Hank Steinbrenner dies at 63
CNN.com—Disney+ edited Splash by covering brief nudity by Daryl Hannah with CGI long hair

CNN.com—New York will require people to wear a face mask while in public even as the state seems to be reaching a plateau in new cases
NBC News—Trump says he will halt funding to WHO over what he perceives as their mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic, but it's not clear that he actually has the power to do this
USA Today—Thousands of people gather a Michigan capitol building to protest the governor's stay at home order
ABCnews.com—Trial of Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes delayed due to the pandemic
CBS News—With coronavirus lockdowns, there were no school shootings nationwide in the month of March, the first time that has happened in nearly two decades
BBC News—Jeff Bezos' net worth has increased by $24 billion since the coronavirus lockdowns began due to surging demand for Amazon home deliveries

NBC News—Small business loan program that was part of the $2 trillion stimulus package hits its $350 billion cap and is now out of money
CBS News—California announces that it will give $500 in aid to undocumented workers
BBC News—New experimental data may lead to theory that explains the matter/antimatter asymmetry in our universe
ABCnews.com—Apple rolls out $400 iPhone SE
USA Today—Facebook to send warnings to users who liked posts that contained coronavirus misinformation or hoaxes
CNN.com—Google increases family leave to 14 weeks as employees stuggle to balance work and home childcare

BBC News—Ongoing megadrought could cause big issues for the American southwest
CNN.com—States whose governors did not issue any stay at home order experiencing sudden spike in coronavirus cases
ABCnews.com—Preliminary research finds that the coronavirus may have infected far more than previously thought
USA Today—San Diego Comic Con canceled for the first time in 50 years
NBC News—NFL player Von Miller tests positive for the coronavirus
CBS News—Land O Lakes removes American Indian maiden from its packaging as it approaches its 100th anniversary

CNN.com—Glut of supply from oil producers pushes oil to -$37 per barrel. That's right, producers are paying buyers $37 to take a barrel of oil off their hands.
ABCnews.com—At least 16 dead in worst shooting spree in Canadian history
CBS News—Shake Shack returning the $10 million business loan it received through the small business loan program that was part of the coronavirus stimulus package
USA Today—Walmart to require all workers to wear face masks starting today
NBC News—Nurses union sues NY state over inadequate coronavirus protections
BBC News—New York couples now allowed to get married online due to coronavirus social distancing restrictions

CNN.com—Study finds that there is no benefit to malaria drug touted by Trump (and which he owns stock in) in fighting the coronavirus, and in fact patients who took it died more often
CBS News—Georgia governor to allow many businesses to reopen as soon as this Friday, despite the state not meeting the White House's guidelines on when states can start to reopen
ABCnews.com—Senate approves $484 billion relief package meant to help small businesses and increase testing
NBC News—Trump announces plans to sign an executive order suspending all legal immigration to the US
BBC News—Facebook removes event posts for anti-lockdown protests
USA Today—Rob Gronkowski to unretire from the NFL so he can play with his former teammate Tom Brady and his new team the Buccaneers

CNN.com—Trump calls Georgia governor Brian Kemp on Tuesday night for reopening his state, then throws him under the bus on national television the next day, saying he "strongly disagrees" with Kemp's decision to open before the state has met reopening guidelines
CBS News—MLB docks the Red Sox a draft pick and suspends one of their scouts for a year for stealing signs illegally
USA Today—Delta says it may take three years for them to recover from the coronavirus shutdown
ABCnews.com—Head of vaccine development for the HHS says he was demoted for not helping to push a malaria pill endorsed by Trump (and which he owns stock in) which has recently proved to be ineffective in fighting the coronavirus
BBC News—Missouri sues China over its mishandling of the coronavirus epidemic
NBC News—Some intelligence sources believe that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is gravely ill following heart procedure

NBC News—Another 4.4 million Americans filed for unemploytment last week, bringing the 5 week coronavirus lockdown total to 26 million
CBS News—Las Vegas mayor offers up her city as control group (but she really means experimental group) for reopening amidst the coronavirus pandemic
CNN.com—Instacart hired 300,000 new workers in the past month, and has plans to hire 250,000 more
USA Today—Analyst believes that Disney parks won't open again until 2021
ABCnews.com—The Earth's insect population has shrunk by 27% over the past 30 years
BBC News—Zoom releases updated version of app meant to counter zoombombing

CNN.com—Trump suggest injecting disinfectant into humans as a way to cure the coronavirus, then walks it back and says he was being sarcastic. But watch the tape: he was clearly being serious. He's just that stupid and uninformed.
CBS News—Biden predicts that Trump will try to delay the election
ABCnews.com—Trump says he will only offer bailout funds to the post office if they charge higher rates for Amazon packages
USA Today—State and municipal workers start getting laid of as impacts of coronavirus affect tax revenue
BBC News—Coronavirus death toll passes 50,000 in the US
NBC News—High end national steakhouse chain Ruth's Chris says it will return $20 million emergency loan from funds that were supposed to be earmarked for small businesses

CBS News—Pelosi floats the idea of guaranteed income during the coronavirus economic recovery, which would be a great test case for universal basic income
NBC News—LA Lakers to return $4.6 million coronavirus relief loan
CNN.com—Pentagon confirms that three leaked UFO videos are authentic
BBC News—States see a spike in poison control calls after Trump suggests that ingesting or injecting disinfectants could cure the coronavirus. Trump takes no responsibility for this outcome.
ABCnews.com—Tesla rolls out updated software that will allow its vehicles to automatically stop at traffic signals and stop signs
USA Today—Travis Scott's Fortnite performance drew more than 12 million players

CNN.com—Pence visits coronavirus patient at Mayo Clinic, but refuses to wear a face mask despite the hospital's strict policies, which they informed him about prior to his visit. His reasoning: I don't have the virus, so I don't need a mask.
CBS News—Trump to issue order to force meat processing plants to stay open
USA Today—The US now has over 1 million officially confirmed cases of coronavirus
ABCnews.com—Roy Horn of Siegfried and Roy tests positive for the coronavirus
BBC News—Disney tries to claim ownership over any tweets that use the #MayThe4th hastag
NBC News—Alaska school district puts works like Catch-22, Invisible Man, and the Great Gatsby on its list of banned books

CNN.com—Presidential son-in-law Jared Kushner says that the bungled response to the coronavirus pandemic by the Trump administration is a success story
ABCnews.com—Walmart sued by family after employee dies from coronavirus
CBS News—Trump lies and says that we are nearing a daily testing capacity of 5 million tests a day (we're currently around 200,000 per day) and then says testing isn't really that important anyway
USA Today—This year's MLB Hall of Fame induction ceremony delayed until 2021
NBC News—Experimental drug shows promising early results in mitigating the symptoms of the coronavirus in people who have already been infected
BBC News—Spain sprays beach with bleach in an attempt to sanitize it from the coronavirus

BBC News—Bezos' Blue Origin and Musk's SpaceX are two of the three companies chosen to build lunar landers for a 2024 return to the moon
CBS News—Dozens of dead bodies being stored in U-Haul trucks outside NYC funeral home
NBC News—Jobless claims over the past six weeks top 30 million
CNN.com—Elon Musk says that coronavirus stay at home orders are "fascist"
ABCnews.com—Michigan judge sides with governor in lawsuit over shelter-in-place orders
USA Today—Workers for Amazon, Instacart, Walmart, and other companies active during the coronavirus lockdowns plan May Day protest to draw attention to hazardous working conditions

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