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CNN.com—New White House press secretary gives first briefing from that office in over a year (her predecessor never gave one), promises never to lie in her answers, and promptly proceeds to tell several lies
ABCnews.com—Biden denies Tara Reade's allegation of sexual assault that she says happened in 1993
CBS News—Some US airlines now requiring their passengers to wear face masks for the duration of their flights
USA Today—Trump blocks Fauci from testifying before Congress
NBC News—Canada rapidly enacts ban on over 1500 assault-style weapons after a mass shooting in Nova Scotia that killed 23 people
BBC News—Elon Musk tweets that Tesla's shares are overvalued, causing a mass selloff that reduced the company's value by $14 billion and Musk's personal net worth by $3 billion

USA Today—The treasury will need to borrow $3 trillion this quarter to cover costs associated with the coronavirus shutdown
CNN.com—Security guard in Michigan shot and killed in Michigan after tellling customer to wear a state-mandated face mask while shopping
BBC News—Amazon VP quits in protest of the company's firing of protestors who lobbied for workers rights
NBC News—Biden calls for an immediate $13 per hour wage increase for all frontline workers over and above what they currently make
ABCnews.com—Don Shula, the lontime Dolphins coach with the most wins in league history and the only one with a perfect season on his resume, dies at 90
CBS News—Uber to require face masks for passengers and drivers

CNN.com—White House says coronavirus task force could be disbanded by the end of the month, even as the models show that we will be hitting another spike then with 3000 deaths per day
ABCnews.com—Woman killed by alligator while visiting a home in a gated community to do the homeowner's nails
NBC News—58% of workers at Iowa meat processing plant test positive for the coronavirus
BBC News—Warren Buffett sells all of his shares in four major US airlines
CBS News—Gold's Gym files for bankruptcy due to the coronavirus
USA Today—Disney plans to reopen its Shanghai park later this month

CBS News—FDA gives approval to Roche coronavirus antibody test
ABCnews.com—New addition to Title IX from Department of Education defines how colleges should go about investigating claims of sexual harrassment and assault
BBC News—Salon owner in Dallas sentenced to a week in jail for opening her shop in defiance of social distancing orders
CNN.com—Kraftwerk cofounder Florian Schneider dies at 73
NBC News—Wendy's removes burgers from the menu in some locations due to meat shortages
USA Today—Airbnb cuts 25% of its workforce

CNN.com—Trump shelving a report from the CDC with detailed guidance on best practices for reopening the economy from the shutdown
BBC News—Barr's DOJ dropping criminal case against Trump friend and former adviser Michael Flynn, who pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI
CBS News—Trump's personal valet who brings his meals to him tests positive for coronavirus
USA Today—Astronomers identify a black hole just 1000 light years from Earth, the closest one to our solar system that we have yet discovered
ABCnews.com—Wife of Ravens safety Earl Thomas arrested for holding him at gunpoint in a rage over his affair with another woman
NBC News—Neiman Marcus files for bankruptcy

CBS News—Lawmakers order 5 large, publicly-traded companies to return paycheck protection loans that were meant to help small businesses
ABCnews.com—Pence's press secretary, who is also the wife of one of Trump's aides, tests positive for the coronavirus
CNN.com—Colorado election official says he has audio of GOP state party chair pressuring him to submit incorrect election results
USA Today—Roy Horn of Siegfried and Roy passes away from coronavirus complications
NBC News—Ohio State will pay $41 million to 162 men who were sexually abused by a team doctor
BBC News—Tesla ordered to keep its main US plant closed

CNN.com—Trump refuses to answer question from reporter with Chinese ethnicity, telling her to "ask China" for the answer to her question and then abruptly ending the press conference
CBS News—Guy Fieri raises $20 million to help restaurant workers
ABCnews.com—Seinfeld actor Jerry Stiller (father of Ben Stiller) dies at 92
NBC News—Elon Musk defies government orders and starts up production as his California Tesla plant
USA Today—Florida Tech eliminates its football program amidst economic uncertainty of the pandemic. So maybe these programs aren't the net revenue positive sources of income that the football coaches say they are?
BBC News—Richard Branson to sell his stake in Virgin Galactic to help support his other businesses, including his airline

NBC News—Children being affected by mystery inflamatory illness linked to the coronavirus
CBS News—Twitter CEO says employees can continue to work from home for as long as they like, even after the coronavirus threat has been contained
ABCnews.com—Indiana state AG and GOP rising star stripped of his law license after accusations of sexual assault
BBC News—Film of the Broadway production of Hamilton coming to Disney+ this summer, months earlier than originally planned
CNN.com—Monk star Tony Shaloub reveals that both he and his wife had the coronavirus and have now recovered
USA Today—Uber in talks to buy GrubHub

NBC News—Trump criticizes Fauci's Senate testimony because the facts and models—you know, reality—doesn't jibe with the president's demand that people sacrifice themselves at the altar of the economy
USA Today—Uber lays off 3700 people over Zoom
CNN.com—JC Penney hands out big bonuses to executives just ahead of its expected bankruptcy filing
ABCnews.com—Chicago woman mauled to death by french bulldog that she adopted after it was rescued from a dog fighting ring
CBS News—Invasive species of lizard gaining a foothold in Georgia
BBC News—NYC caps fees for food delivery apps

CNN.com—GOP senator Richard Burr, who is under investigation for insider trading after dumping stocks immediately before the pandemic reached America, will step down as the chair of the Senate intelligence committee
ABCnews.com—Colleges preparing for drop in international students this fall even if campuses reopen
CBS News—Universal Studies partially reopening their Orlando theme park
NBC News—ACLU sues Betsy DeVos and the department of education over new Title IX sexual assault guidelines
USA Today—Firm predicts that Jeff Bezos is likely to be the world's first trillionaire
BBC News—Church sues Zoom after they are zoombombed during a bible study class

NBC News—The House passes a $3 trillion coronavirus relief bill, but it is unlikely to be passed by the Senate
CBS News—NYSE will reopen its trading floor after Memorial Day
ABCnews.com—Kroger announces new bonuses for workers after cutting hourly increases it billed as "hero pay"
BBC News—Facebook building 23,000 mile long undersea internet cable that will wrap around Africa and bring high speed internet to the continent
CNN.com—Chinese manufacturing firm Foxconn says its iPhone production factories are back running at full capacity
USA Today—Elon Musk's Boring Company completes its second Las Vegas tunnel

NBC News—Coronavirus vaccine from Moderna is shown to produce antibodies in limited human trials
CBS News—Fired State Department watchdog was investigating Secretary of State George Pompeo's secret sale of American arms to Saudi Arabia
USA Today—Promising early results for a coronavirus vaccine cause market rebound
CNN.com—Fred Willard dies at 86
BBC News—Two NFL players charged with armed robbery
ABCnews.com—Facebook buys Giphy for $400 million

CNN.com—Judge allows federal fraud lawsuit against Trump and his family members to move forward
CBS News—Trump says he is taking a malaria drug to help prevent contracting the coronavirus even though the drug has no known prophylactic effect against Covid-19 and Trump is at risk for complications from the drug due to his obesity and high cholesterol
USA Today—Trump continues to show how classy he is by refusing to hold a ceremony for the unveiling of Obama's official White House portrait
NBC News—Florida data official says she was fired because she refused to distort publicly reported coronavirus data to make the state look like it was ready to reopen
BBC News—Two NFL players charged with armed robbery
ABCnews.com—Pier 1 to go out of business and close all 540 remaining stores

CNN.com—Supreme Court temporarily blocks the House from seeing Mueller investigation grand jury documents
ABCnews.com—Trump threatens to withhold unspecified funding from states that are trying to expand mail-in voting
USA Today—Trump's reelection campaign recruiting doctors who will go on television and advocate for faster reopenings that contradict medical research and best practices
CBS News—China bans the eating of wild animals and will pay farmers to stop breeding exotic animals on suspicions that these practicies may have contributed to the coronavirus jumping from animals to humans
NBC News—An unnamed NFL player sues United Airlines after he says he was sexually assaulted by a woman on a flight and that the flight crew did nothing to address his complaints
BBC News—Amazon releases competive shooter Crucible, its first foray into big budget videogames

CNN.com—Trump is pulling the US out of a major arms treaty that will benefit, of course, his owners in mother Russia
NBC News—Man who shot cell phone video of Ahmaud Arbery's murder is charged with murder alongside the two men who actually murdered him
BBC News—Study finds that if the US had entered lockdown just a week earlier that tens of thousands of lives could have been saved
ABCnews.com—Unreleased "Snyder cut" of Justice League to be released on HBO Max
CBS News—Facebook announces that some workers will have th option to work from home permanently
USA Today—Exec who launched Disney's streaming service Disney+ is named new CEO of TikTok

BBC News—Trailer for new Christopher Nolan film Tenet premieres in Fortnight
CNN.com—Execs at Moderna dump $30 million in stock after share value skyrockets due to promising early findings in coronavirus vaccine trial
ABCnews.com—Man stabbed to death by his son while on a Zoom video call with 20 other people
CBS News—Former NBA star Patrick Ewing hospitalized due to coronavirus
NBC News—Trump still has not completed his 2020 physical, despite claiming he started the process back in December 2019 (it usually takes one day)
USA Today—Crayola launching line of crayons that will allow people to choose from a variety of skin tones

CNN.com—Trump tweeet about mail-in ballots being fraudulent is labeled by misleading by Twitter, who also included a link on where to get facts about voting by mail
USA Today—White woman is fired by her employer and has her rescue dog removed from her home after calling police on a black man who asked her to leash her dog in a protected area of Central Park
CBS News—Six Flags announces plans to reopen its theme parks
ABCnews.com—Gun nuts hang effigy of Kentucky governor outside the capitol building
BBC News—Testing of malaria drug touted by Trump is halted by WHO after trials to date have shown that it has no beneficial effects and is in fact more likely to result in death
NBC News—NHL announces plans to resume season

CNN.com—US death toll from the coronavirus officially tops 100,000
ABCnews.com—Historic joint space launch between NASA and SpaceX postponed due to bad weather
CBS News—Amazon releases propaganda piece about its warehouse safety packaged as a news story, including a script for reporters. Many news stations ran it as a news piece.
USA Today—FedEx announces multiyear collaboration with Microsoft meant to bolster its technical capabilities
NBC News—Hertz files for bankruptcy
BBC News—Apple will revive Fraggle Rock and produce new episodes for Apple TV+

CNN.com—In a snit over Twitter labeling one of his misleading tweets as misleading, Trump signs executive order that attempts to circumvent the law, the Congress, the courts, and the Constitution by trying to personally regulate social media companies
ABCnews.com—Boston Marathon canceled for the first time in its 124 year history due to the coronavirus
CBS News—Order from NY governor allows stores to deny entry to customers who refuse to wear a mask
USA Today—Texas bar says it will not allow customers who are following CDC and White House guidelines by wearing a mask in public to come inside, further proof that among Trump's base, the mask debate is not about public health but is purely a political signifier
NBC News—People are accidentally throwing out their stimulus money—delivered to some as a prepaid debit card—because it looks like a junk mail scam
BBC News—World's oldest man dies at 112

CNN.com—The Minneapolis police officer who is shown on video murdering George Floyd by kneeling on his neck for a prolonged period of time is finally taken into custody and charged with murder
CBS News—Twitter flags another of Trump's tweets, this time for glorifying gun violence
ABCnews.com—Arizona sues Google over unauthorized location tracking
USA Today—Over 40 million Americans have filed for unemployment over the past 10 weeks
NBC News—Court rules that gay couples who were not legally allowed to be married are entitled to the same Social Security survivors benefits as married couples
BBC News—South Korea, which had just reopened schools, closes them again after it sees a spike in coronavirus cases

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